Lane Kiffin Goes With Cody Kessler

Well, maybe this will take everyone’s mind off the Washington State game. Lane Kiffin named Cody Kessler the Trojans’ starting quarterback today. We’ll see if Kiffin addresses why he made the choice.

I’m not surprised he went with Kessler. But how patient is he going to be if the offense keeps struggling?


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  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    Kessler should ignore Kiffin and call his own game

    • Cloud Shaman

      You are right I heard on one blogger site that the touchdown pass Kessler threw to N.Agholor was an audible and Kiffin wasnt happy. My opinion is the reason you have a turnaround on defense is you keep things simple. This offense needs a simple philosophy like in spring & fall is you move the ball up the field with all your nfl type players i.e. tight ends, fullbacks, wide receivers.

      • Independent_George

        Plus the fact is that as far as they know, Kiffin takes no input from anyone else when devising the game plan. And Dan Weber, who follows this team as closely as anyone, has no idea as what exactly Clay Helton does during game days. he know Kiffin talks to him, but Clay just tells Kiffin what he sees from the booth, Kiffin then decides on the play.

    • sureshot32

      Absolutely. Kiffin’s killing his QBs with his awful playcalling. Let Kessler throw the ball down the field already!

      • Golden Trojan

        When they did throw down field they couldn’t complete a pass!

  • TrojanConquest

    Can’t really blame him for going with Wittek in the second half, but I did say that I thought Wittek would struggle and I thought Kessler would have rebounded. As good as you could rebound with this play calling.

  • Beto Torrealba

    “Fire Kiffin” chant interrupts Djokovic-Nadal match at U.S. Open.

  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    Kiffin will not meet with the media, USC to issue video of Kiffin explaining his decision. You can’t make this stuff up, ugh.

    • ThaiMex

      Goat Boy is perfect for SCUm! He’s a mumbling, stumbling cross eyed goof who couldn’t face the press this week in declaring his selection for starting q.b. Instead, U Stupid Clowns put together a staged and scripted VIDEO that reminded me of those VIDEO’S positioning the idiot in N. Korea as the SUPREME LEADER! Truly Pathetic!
      LIMBO U has sunk to new low’s
      fit UN torgans!
      (at least nobody’s been suspended from the team or been arrested lately………oops!)

  • Golden Trojan

    Let Kessler practice all week with the 1st team, play the whole game. At least he can score points. Maybe Kessler will improve and not have to suffer like this.

    • Cloud Shaman

      I think he will improve along with the o line. Kiffin has to build the offense around Kesslers strengths i.e. play action to tight ends and fullbacks. Passes to the flats then this will loosen up the D for Lee, Agholor & Rogers.

      • sureshot32

        I was yelling at the screen for Kiffin to call a roll out on the play Kessler ran for the TD.

        Naked bootleg? Served the same purpose.

  • ted

    Wonder if Kessler celebrated on “winning” the QB job?