• Rusty Buckets

    It was really boring, Wolf. Usually, the two hosts compensate for your lack of personality and enthusiasm, but today was not good. A complete waste of 5 minutes.

  • Joe Blow

    Very weak. 3 jokes. Stupid.

  • john wolcott

    I did not hear the recent Wolf “radio wit,” but having heard him in the past I could only say the guy lacks “affect,”as the psychologists say. In other words, he does not light up his talk with enthusiasm.

    On a side note, Chip Kelly’s offensive genius has carried over to the staid, predictable NFL. I hope it continues on because it is a brand new idea of how to play the game of football.

  • Beto Torrealba

    There has to be a cross-promotion involved or something – no way does Petros bring Wolf on the show otherwise. Definitely sucks the energy out of the show.

  • wolfman, you were DIALED IN tonight!!!

    an array of hilarious Money quotes!!!

    your line about how the trOXans couldn’t be uglier than when Petros was on the team, left me gasping for breath i was laughing so hard!!

    you and Petros are a modern day Martin and Lewis!!!

    your performance was, in a word….Sublime.

  • Cheap seats

    Has any other “show” ever interviewed Wolf?

    They seem to just poke fun at his column on 710.