Stat Of The Day

USC is 8-7 since Lane Kiffin refused to discuss injuries. Glad that is working out well. Or to put it another way, USC went 10-2 in 2011 when he discussed injuries.

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  • David Keeling

    Talking about injuries… this season is becoming painful and it isn’t going to get better against stiffer competition. Utah St. is better than Hawaii and on the same level as WSU. I am sorry to say the coliseum attendance is going to reflect the team’s performance… Based on what I have seen so far, Kiffin is no player development-teacher. Those QBs still are lost out there on the field.

    • Stu Azole

      LOL. I love how Utah St. is now tough competition for the trogies! How the mighty have fallen! All thanks to Cheaty Peaty!

  • Charlie Bucket

    Yup, talking about injuries = wins. This proves it.

    • Charlie Bucket

      faux Bucket no panache.

      • Charlie Bucket

        Real Bucket, repost

  • WEB_Dupree

    Hmm, that could be the reason behind the lackluster performance. But, even more critical: a Robek’s near campus closed and was replaced by a Jamba Juice.

    Still, reasonable people can disagree.

  • CardinalnGold

    Good job Wolfie! You found a way to post something about Kiffin this week that has no validity whatsoever. I was wondering how you were going to accomplish that after the debacle at the Coliseum but you found a way.

    • Stu Azole

      are you claiming that his stats are invalid? Hard to argue with numbers like that!

    • Golden Trojan

      Some may call it a correlation with no cause and effect. But Bucket called it, messing with Wolf brought on Kiffin’s down fall.

  • Charlie Bucket

    in other words, 8-7 since Kiff messed with the wolfman!!!!

    wolfman, some reporters simply regurgitate the news….you CREATE the news!!!!!

    • Golden Trojan

      I was waiting for you to call it like it is. Lane brought on the Wolf curse when he messed with Scotty. The only way to rid the curse and right the ship is for Kiffin to do the Master and Commander move, grab the cannon ball and jump ship.

  • Santiago Matamoros

    Of course, whether or not a coach discusses injuries has no bearing on wins and losses.

    What you’re really seeing is the deterioration of the team post-Carroll.