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Washington State Cougars vs USC Trojans

Lane Kiffin defended fans who booed him and the Trojans against Washington State.
“That was not the product anyone should be happy to see,” Kiffin said. “I need to do a better job.” Full story here

It is ironic that Kiffin identified the passing game as the Trojans’ glaring weakness. Isn’t that the one area he is supposed to be qualified to coach?

Hans Gutknecht/Los Angeles Daily News

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  • Goatboy Kiffin

    The silly thought of Lane Goatboy Kiffin being an offensive genius went away the day Reggie, Lendale, WInston Justice, Leinart etc left USC. 2006 was ugly with Goat at OC. And now this debacle. Thanks Pete Carroll … you created this moron and his side kick fat Steve Suckshitisian. Two of the worst football coaches in history.

    • gotroy22

      Pete is a great coach, but the Pete Carroll coaching weed is not very impressive.

      • Independent_George

        Pete was/is an excellent head coach, but he was/is also insecure. During his tenure at USC the started weeding out those whom he believed pushed back too much — Tim Davis, Norm Chow, DeWayne Walker, and Orgeron too a degree, and replaced them with either with young, inexperienced acolytes he liked to play basketball with: Yogi Roth, Rocky Seto, his son Spaulding (Brennan); rah-rah meathead types who could not challenge is dominance like Ken Norton and Nick Holt; or the underqualified children of his NFL cronines: Lane Kiffin and Jeremy Bates.

        Carroll ain’t stupid, so in the NFL he has hired quality assistants. Bates lasted a year and was gone. Was fired as Jay Cutler’s caddie in 2012, don’t think he is working right now.

        Sark ain’t Nick Saban, I will give you that, but he take a 1-11 team and turn them into a seven win team in two years, and he has has the brains to ditch the 30 year Norm Chow/BYU playbook and scheme to his talent. Sark isn’t great coach, but he is better than Goatboy.

        • gotroy22

          I forgot about Spaulding.

        • Tom Oday

          Wow! Pete Carroll insecure. And all this time I have been blaming Mike Garrett for hiring Kiffin as HC.

  • Independent_George

    Kiffie is a fraud.

    In Kiffie’s 5 games withjout without Barkley playing, USC has never thrown for more than 200 yards.

    2011 was Barkley and Kalil protecting his blind side.

  • steveg

    Man, this kills me to say it, but yes you are right Wolf.

  • gotroy22

    I felt bad for the players getting booed. This is like a prize fight where the fighter is getting beaten mercilessly. Haden must thrown in the towel on the Kiffin Era.

  • Jethro G Sabbath

    I suppose Pete Carroll owed it to Monte Kiffin to give Lane a job, just as Monte had done to him way back but it should have ended there.
    How it went beyond that is bizarre. Pushing Norm Chow out was an enormous mistake and Lane never showed anything as OC that showed he was ready for any of his three head coaching jobs.

    • Jezro, you are a conspiracy driven soul, so it is no surprise i see you are tracing the roots of this mess all the way back to the Arkansas Razorback teams from the ’70’s!!!

      as i have suggested before, there is not much mystery attached to this situation: the QB’s simply are not good.

      believe me, as a Bruin who suffered through the worst run of QB’s in the modern era, (Olson, Cowan, Prince) i can tell you that if Norm Chow, and Rick NewHassle could not coach up really talent-challenged QB’s, then Kiff doesn’t have much of a chance!!!

      and now the recruiting is going down the tubes…..i just HOPE you guys can hang on to the Baby QB!!!!

  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    He says he needs to do a better job, but how much do you want to bet that it will be more of the same predictable offense against BC ? This team has a REAL shot at opening 1-3, then what Haden ?

    • WEB_Dupree

      Awful as it is to contemplate, if they did open at 1-3, when would the next win actually happen? Cal in November? Yikes!

    • John Derry

      I agree. Not sure what a week will change that hasn’t been accomplished in the Spring & Summer. Kiffin has fielded teams that have lost 6 of their last 8.

  • Helen

    Everyone considers Mike Leach an offensive genius with a feared passing attack, yet they scored only 3 points against USC – do you see hack beat writers calling for his firing?

    • when you pull of a big upset like this was for the Cougs, no one cares how you pull it off….

      now about that Hack comment, Helen, i KNOW you are not calling the wolfman, a hack.

      let me REMIND you that last season, Kiff tried to unfairly ban the wolfman from practice on trumped up allegations he broke some “rule” about reporting injuries from practice. this move was designed to embarrass the wolfman and threaten his livelihood.

      although the plan blew up in Kiff’s face, no person of sound mind would deny that the wolfman is entitled to some payback, and BOY is the wolfman getting his PAYBACK!!!

      Kiff you are now feeling El Claw de El Lobo Macho!!!!!

      • Helen

        There’s no room for “payback” for a journalist – Scottie should confine those activities to his personal channels like Facebook.

        • WHATTHA??? the wolfman has a Facepage??? how come NO ONE TOLD ME????

        • gotroy22

          Yet the major complaint of you rah rahs is that Scott isn’t biased for USC despite all the stupid things Kiffin and Haden have done. Scott tried to warn us but you wouldn’t listen. Now that Kiffin has been exposed as an incompent and our once proud program is a laughing stock you still are blaming Scott and trying to deflect attention to Mike Leach, who inherited a basket case of a program. Not one player on Wazzoo would get offered a scholarship to play football at USC.

  • Helen

    USC lost on two plays: the 50 yard run that brought WSU into field goal range and the Kessler interception where Martin wiffed on his block.

    • SpiketheBruin

      That SUC lost 10 – 7 is still the point. Besides, if W. ST’s fumble that lead to SUC’s only points hadn’t occurred, the final score would have been 10 – ZIP. Give it up Helen – SUC sucks!

  • Golden Trojan

    These are Kiffin’s QBs, offense and play calling. He has no QB, his fault! He has a running game and Madden looks real good. You are pretty limited in your play calling/game plan when you can’t complete a forward pass! After 4 years and this is the offense you created, Lane, you are not ready for prime time. We will go 5-8, no bowl, and Haden will fire Kiffin and make a great hire.

    • ThaiMex

      Huh……5 & 8?…Where have I heard that before?
      Hint….from the same person that predicted the loss to WAZZU!
      fit UN torgans

      • CardinalnGold

        Your prediction wasn’t that bold. You predict them to lose every game.

        • ThaiMex

          fold cardinalngold…you’re pretty close, and DAMN I’m good!…Over the last EIGHT (8) games….good old YESTERDAY U has a record of 2 & 6!
          COINKY Dink? You think I’m just lucky? 5 & 8 awaits!!!!!!
          fit UN torgans!
          (where’s that Russian Sloth….RUStupid? Probably getting his azzzzzz handed to him AGAIN by some MOOSE and a flying squirrel)

          • Thai, eres en FUEGO, HOMBRE!!!

            (Thai you are on FIRE, MAN!!!!)

            everything is coming TOGETHER, THAI!!!!!

            i think i am going to call this the Golden Age of the Cadre….what do you think?????

          • Golden Trojan

            Bucket, you and the Ruins should enjoy yourselves while you can. UCLA looks dialed in and Kiffin looks to be imploding. When that great new coach that Haden hires comes your fun will be over.

          • “when that great new coach that Haden hires”


            my prediction is you trOXans will HATE the new choice!!! (you are NOT getting Peterson, he will not come to a school surrounded by a DMV!!)

            you guys caught lightening in a bottle with Pete, sure, but before
            that, who was it? Larry Smith, Paul Hacket, Robo II…..THAT is what you
            are used to!!! add Kiff to that list!!!

          • CardinalnGold

            What blows my mind is that Kiffin is still 2-1 (@ SC) vs. sUCLA, with a 50-0 blowout. What kind of dog & pony show were you guys running that you let him beat you twice?

          • EncinitasBruin

            1. Neuheisel. Nearly as bad as Kiffin in getting mediocre play from decent players.
            2. No QB = lose to SC. With QB = 38-28.

          • CardinalnGold

            This loss was painful. Last season was a nightmare. But when I look up at the L.A. SCOREBOARD it still reads: USC 49 Westwood College: 26

          • EncinitasBruin

            True. However, since 1980, the rivalry is close: USC leads 17-14-1.

  • Luis Recendez

    Well at least a lot of people wont be able to watch and critic LK Saturday if you have Charter and Direct TV

  • Trojandn

    Hi Scott, your stat of the day, “USC’s longest pass play this season is only 19 yards.” is incorrect as Kessler’s pass to the WSU D-Back was at least 50 yards….

  • I wanted to be JK McKay

    Firing The “KIFF” now will do less long term damage than waiting ’til the end of the year. The Kids are gonna either leave early/transfer and or the recruits will continue to migrate north and across the freeway if the energy is not changed immediately. Give the Job to Pendergast, at least he shows some confidence on the sidelines, not weakness, and his defensive kids are playing with purpose unlike the offense, and no, running the ball 80% of the game is not a purpose it is a flaw. Poor Tre ran for more yards alone (151) then the total for the team (139).

    • Golden Trojan

      I would hate to see Pendergast go when Kiffin goes. Making him the interim coach is not a bad idea.

      • EncinitasBruin

        How would Haden explain it, though, after his pre-season “state of the union” video saying Kiffin would not be on the hot seat this season?

        • gotroy22

          He could claim that statement was “no longer operative” like any good politician.

  • John Derry

    Bill King. He is a respected voice of College Football. He gave a short rip on Lane Kiffin in the first hour this morning by saying USC doesn’t have a QB or a head coach and opened up a little more on him in the 3rd hour. If you get a chance listen to it. It is in the Hr 3 section and time frame of 28:50-29:45.

  • EncinitasBruin

    One of the reasons (among many) that USC dominated UCLA through the ’00s is because they had Heisman-winning and Heisman-calibre QBs, and UCLA didn’t. Example: Your only loss to UCLA was in ’06, when JD Booty was under center. There’s an interesting article on E.S.P..N this morning from Mark Schlabach about this.

  • Fred Sampson

    If Washington St. Head Coach Mike Leach had Lane Kiffin’s 65 Blue Chip Scholarship Players and Kiffin had his 85, I promise you Washington St. would win the Pac 12 South. Because it’s not about the Scholarship reduction excuse that Kiffin has been crying about it’s about leadership and Coaching ability.

    • John Derry

      Completely agree Fred. There are other coaches doing more with less.

  • B.Miller

    Kiffin is not qualified, that’s the problem, he has been handed everything and has not had to work for anything..
    He deserves to start at the bottom like all other coaches!