USC Report Card

Here are the grades for the Washington State debacle:

RESULT: Washington State 10, No. 25 USC 7

RECORD: 1-1, 0-1



Lane Kiffin threatens to make a decision. Wonder if he will announce it.



Ironic that USC’s top tailback is a converted linebacker.



Where is Nelson Agholor? Or Darreus Rogers? Whatever happened to the tight ends? Marqise Lee is getting the Robert Woods treatment this season.



What is hard to understand is how Lane Kiffin said this was a much-improved group from last year.



A position that is actually living up to expectations.



Might sound strange but I’ve expected a little more in terms of big plays here.



Josh Shaw did a nice job at cornerback but the defense needed to score to win this game.



Is John Baxter still the best special teams coach in the country? That’s what we get told constantly by Lane Kiffin.



The fans have had it. When will Pat Haden?


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  • BruinBulldog

    Defense gives up only 3 points the whole game to a mike leach offense. Your hatred for Kiffin and mission to get him fired is biasing your grades.

    • Independent_George

      It has been suggested that Wolf seperate grades as to offense and defense coach.

      Defense gets a A,

      Special teams gets a D because while USC was not helped by special teams, they were not hurt, in that WSU never hurt USC via special teams. Offense gets the “null set” because it doesn’t appear that coaching the offense exists.

      • Chris Withrow

        Special Teams were 0-2 in field goals in a game decided by 3 points. How did they not hurt the team? Wow. Dumbest comment I’ve seen all day.

    • Stu Azole

      “A Mike Leach Team” somehow makes WSU not really, really sh*tty? WSU sucks and their offense is terrible.

  • Golden Trojan

    If Kessler doesn’t run in for the score, QBs F. Running backs were the offense A-. Receivers caught what was catchable, bubble screens, B. O line good on the run poor on the pass C average. Defense should get all As for only giving up 3. Special teams inconsistent C- seems fair. Coaching Defense A+, Special Teams C-, Offense F.

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    Some Trojan fans have taken the time to leave condolences regarding the death of UCLA walk-on freshman WR Nick Pasquale. I wanted to just take a minute and say thanks for doing that (Joe Blow, etc).

  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    You can give Kiffin an F for the rest of the season, he’s clueless.

    • gotroy22

      I am disappointed in our kicking game. Heidari was better as freshman and has steadily gone downhill.

      • Golden Trojan

        If player performance declines year to year, that’s coaching

        • SCFTBL1

          Matt Barkley?

        • That’s what was happening at UCLA pre-Mora; players were not improving.

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    And the worst is yet to come … wait until this D actually faces some talent ( ASU maybe even Utah St ) it will get torched. That secondary is horrible.
    The offense is the same garbage Goatboy ran after he backstabbed Chow out of his job and USC out of national titles. Hard to believe he can remain so dumb , hasn’t learned a thing.

    • Independent_George

      No. The secondary isn’t horrible and will improve game to game.

      The problem is when, and not if, the players give up. I am guessing that while doubts exist they are good for one, maybe tow more games. The conference schedule, plus ND on the road, should put to rest any faith the players have in Lane.

      Lane will not be fired mid season less any unique explosion/implosion.

      Also, a mid season fire might allow Lane to really subotage recruiting, I do not put it past Lane to be vindictive or petty. Does anyone?

      While everyone is screaming that Haden is killing football by not firing Kiffin now, I think you need to be more deliberate. Lane is not a good coach, but he is a sneaky, deceitful, insincere lying liar who lies, he somehow convince Carroll to jettison Chow (and any chance at winning more NCs) and a mid-season firing could explode in the program’s face with back channel lies and innuedos.

      Monte may have failed in college but he is widely respected in elite coaching cirlces, college and pros. If you humiliate his son with a mid-season fire look for Lane to poison recruits and Monte to poison potential coaches.

      • Goatboy Kiffin

        Monte is an old fool that no one takes seriously they have no influence on what will happen at USC

        • Golden Trojan

          The Dallas defense was pretty good last night.


    Offensive coordinator: Grade F- should be fired.
    Defensive coordinator: Grade A- should be given a raise.

    • Golden Trojan

      Make Pendergast the interim head coach.

    • Joe Blow

      Athletic Director. Grade F- should be fired.

  • Danny

    Tough to give grades on the QB and Receivers as there are many mitigating factors.
    1) O line did not give QBs a lot of time. Actually its worse than that: they gave inconsistant protection, which meant the QB would never know how much time he really had.

    2) Kiffin did not name a QB, so I suspect they were given less than full time snaps.That impacts both the QB, the Oline as well as the timing for the receivers.

    3) I’m-afraid-I-might-lose mentality from Lane.
    That said, here is how I might grade them

    QB – C-
    WR C-

    By the way, while Agholor did not get any receptions, he did beat WAZZU’s corners that resulting in flags.

  • Cheap seats

    Why’s everyone grading the WR’s so high?

    I hate the bubble screens as much as anybody, but if you re-watch the game many of them did NOT even attempt a block on their guy. Watch the play where Lee lost 7 yards. Angolar didn’t even TRY to block his guy!

    We miss Woods…badly. He was better than Lee at adjusting his routes based on what the defense was doing. He blocked well in the running and bubble screen game.

    Also, what the heck happened to “our NFL TE’s?” Kiffin forgot to include them in the game plan…again. A good run game always has the TEs wide open and vice versa.