Beware Breathless Reporting

I cautioned about this before but under the current circumstances it bears repeating. It is always dangerous to put much stock in offseason reports on how the team is more physical, working harder, lifting more weights, practicing with a purpose, etc.

These are the typical angles whenever a team comes off a disappointing season. And as we see today, you can say these things but it does not make things magically better.

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  • steveg

    We have forwarded your input to the NCAA for distribution to all head coaches. Thanks for your valuable input.

  • David Keeling

    As much as I was disappointed with the offense production vs.WSU, I was encouraged by Pendergast’s defensive performance.

    • David Keeling

      WSU didn’t win the game as much as the USC offensive execution lost it.

      • David Keeling

        If Kiffin can somehow get his QB to execute without making too many mistakes and be patient with what appears to be a better running game over the last 2-years, with the defense improving, this team has a chance to win most games. It isn’t that far off…

        • Bill

          This is the third year he has worked with these guys and this is the best they can do. Stare down their receivers! But, both interceptions resembled the first interception in the UCLA game!

      • Bill

        Washington State did everything possible to hand the game to SuC. They moved the ball and then shot themselves in the foot with mistakes.

      • SpiketheBruin

        But Dave, the score is still W. ST. 10 – SUCur’s 7.

  • Stu Azole

    Good point, Wolfie. Take that, Trojie sunshine pumpers! POW!

  • Fred Sampson

    The defense does look improved but that Offensive Line resembles last years line except for the Left Tackle, and that line could not move anybody against Stanford or Norte Dame. Somebody give Pat Haden Jack Del Rio’s phone number PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • B.Miller

    At least USC IS RUNNING THE DAMN BALL! and the Defense is playing physical as reported in the offseason, and they are looking good and strong!