Jordan McLaughlin Picks USC Over UCLA

As expected, point guard Jordan McLaughlin selected USC over UCLA. He also considered Kansas and Indiana. USC’s recruiting class is now ranked 16th by

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  • Charlie Bucket

    congrats, trOXans!!!
    based on my caclulations, following this recruiting bonanza, you MIGHT get out of the Pac 12 Cellar by 2017!!!

    • L’Angelo Misterioso

      You”ll never get out of the cellar

    • Joe Blow

      Another kid that doesn’t want to be with a bunch of losers and pigs.

      • Charlie Bucket

        peace, brother!!
        why so angry??
        anger leads to fear, fear leads to hate!
        Hate leads to….Suuuuuffering.

        • Joe Blow

          You would know.

        • B.Miller

          Watch Star Wars much?

      • ThaiMex

        He’s afraid to compete!
        fit UN torgans!

  • Golden Trojan

    Remember Enfield is a Haden hire, Kiffin is not. But lets see if he can coach these recruits.

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    USC still offers varsity basketball? Huh. I thought it was replaced by women’s lacrosse…