Lane Kiffin On Losing

Lane Kiffin was asked tonight about USC losing six of its past eight games.

“It’s very frustrating. Especially after winning all those games before,” Kiffin said. “No one is more miserable than myself.”

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  • betomas

    “No one is more miserable than me.” <–That is the correct way to write that. People always over-correct with the word "myself."

    • Stu Azole

      Of course, but you are talking about marble-mouth Kiffin here. You think he learned that at Fresno State?

    • Ben Factor

      Hi, I think that “than I” or “than me” pass for correct, but not “than myself.”

      What makes me laugh is his choice of the word miserable, which can mean unhappy, or pitiably small and inadequate.

      I don’t doubt that he feels misery. But it is largely of his own making, for being stubborn, arrogant, inflexible, slow to take in new information and adapt, dishonest, callous and disrespectful at times toward his players, and foolish not to collaborate with his assistant coaches in order to perform better. These qualities all contribute to his being a MISERABLE head coach.

      Turnaround? He seems to have lost the offensive players again this year. My assessment is that he would need to get much less involved with the offensive planning and play calling. Or, perhaps the defense will pull him through. He doesn’t get involved with that.

  • grave soul

    USC vs. WSU 2013 for analysis
    www . youtube . com /watch?v=-lZFnbezAu4&feature=c4-overview&list=UUtGLwyp-AjInpv3au1jEccw

  • Fred Sampson

    Sometimes Assistant Coaches just aren’t meant to be a Head Coach, just ask Norv Turner. Lane Kiffin can obviously recruit when things are going well, and maybe after his USC gig comes to an end after the season he will become somebody’s Recruiting Coordinator at another University. Kiffin is way to immature to be a Head Coach at a major university, he thinks he’s slick and he has no class along with be so very transparent .

  • B.Miller

    Hey Kiffy, at least you have a hot wife to go home to, when you HAVE NO JOB TO GO TO Next year you PUTZ!