Jeff Fisher Responds To USC Speculation

Rams coach Jeff Fisher’s name often comes up as a candidate for the USC and he laughed about it Wednesday.
“That’s just absurd,” Fisher said. “They’re rumors.”

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  • Fred Sampson

    I can’t imagine Jeff Fisher’s name being in the mix but you never know with these type of things. He is a California Guy and USC can be a cush job if you can connect into the right pipelines ,so you never know.

    • TrojanFan

      A lot less of a grind compared to the NFL!

      IMO, I think the recruiting aspect keeps some guys away

    • Independent_George

      He is not coming to USC.

      He has the Rams as moderately respectable.

      He is not going to leave the NFL for croissants in the kitchen with mom, texts from Uncle Bill DEMANDING that junior start, compliance, girlfirend troubles, tutors, grades, homesickness, etc.

      If we are going the NFL route, then why not Lovie Smith?

      If you want the reclaimation route, then how about Jim Tressel or Bobby Petrino?

      • TrojanFan

        “Jim Tressel or Bobby Petrino?”


        • B.Miller

          Tressel is too dirty of a name..

  • He laughed???


    • TrojanFan

      Bucket went to Morton’s and tried to pay with his EBT card, they LAUGHED!

      He worked the debt off by cleaning the shitters for a week. According to a source, he has a newfound respect for betomas

  • Bill

    Scott Hazelton will be the next coach since SuC believes in on the job coaching training!

  • Bill

    Rumors in the OC is that SuC offered the Mater Dei coach the job this morning…..

    • TrojanFan

      Hey bill, smile when the flavor changes


      • B.Miller


  • B.Miller

    Jack Del Rio
    Bobby Petrino
    Keep Pendergast though..

  • Tom Oday

    Jeff…most the speculation comes from dipshits like the ones on this blog.