Keith Olbermann Video

Here’s the video from Tuesday of ESPN host Keih Olbermann skewering Lane Kiffin in case you missed it.

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  • steveg

    Wolf, please, use someone with a little credability, not this big mouth idiot even though you agree with him.

  • Treats for your chin

    Missed it, who watches ESPN now that Oldfibberman is working there? He’s been spinning more fairy tales than Disney ever since starting at MSNBC.

  • John Derry

    Wolf, you’re pathetic. MSNBC canned him for a reason. The fact ESPN gave him a show is almost as funny as you getting banned by Kiff.

    You’re tunnel vision bash reporting on Kiffin is getting old.

  • oh, Mercy Nurse!! even during a staged interview with an HH staffer, Rain Man Kiff looks uncomfortable and awkward!!

    almost 3PM, time for Wopner, definitely Wopner.

    Thanks for the GUMBALL, wolfman!!!

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Jim Healy reference? check…..Rain Man reference? check…….Hasbro Gumball Bank reference from the 70’s? check……your act is old, boring, stale, unoriginal and severely dated, like you……at least you’re feeling tingly all over…..

      • ThaiMex

        Torgan Whore’s

        BTW…”Mercy Nurse” was a quote/ and aircheck from Harry Hysterical, SUCks very own Tom Kelly ( The Cal Worthington of College Football….RIP Cal.). I’d like to thank you for following “me”(just for you JEZRO,,,) and paying close attention to our views representing what is really going on over at LIMBO U.
        U Stupid Condoms, especially your “75”, are in for a MEMORABLE Season…(5 & 8….ain’t really all that G-R-E-A-T). T.Whore’s……you and your “PALLY’s”, nubsie and his LAP DOG, T-fail, might want to STEP IT UP….I had a FRENCH friend say he hadn’t seen anything so pathetic since the Germans rode bicycles into… and invaded France. “I don’t make em’ up”…..
        fit UN torgans…

        • Trojan Hoarse

          I am well aware of the origin of said quote, “Mercey Nurse”…..and apparently you are, as well, which puts all of us in the same age group of 50+ years old …..and it really doesn’t take paying any “close attention” to you or the rest of the Cadre as your shtick is more repetitive than I Love Lucy reruns…..of course, you are old enough to remember that TV series, I’m sure….enjoy living on Social Security, nimrod……..

        • TrojanFan

          Dude, your material is stale, release the repeat button or hire a ghost writer.

          That Dementia is making you look like a FOOL!

  • USConqueror1

    This is BS!! Kiffin did a good job in that interview, plain and simple. Its only the second game of the season people. Relax and let Kiff do his thing.

    • gotroy22

      Interview? Don’t you get it? That was a pretend interview with pre-selected questions. Kiffin is afraid to face real questions.

      • ThaiMex

        Both of you COOL AID drinkin’, POM POM wavin’ RAH RAH’s need to go in for “dialysis” (take the “FAMILY” guy with you), though I’m pretty sure “Dr”. Conqueror is gonna end up w/ Nurse Kratchette and “Chief”. NEWS CONFERENCE/Interview? It was as believable as when NIXON stated on T.V….”I am not a CROOK”.

        U Stupid Condoms are (and have always been) the JOKE of College athletics. The DEATH PENALTY couldn’t come soon enough.
        fit UN torgans! (UN…believable)

        • Trojan Hoarse

          UN-Happy with our life, are we?…..pathetic loser

      • USConqueror1

        Still an interview.. and he did pretty good don’t you think? no flubs.

  • Fred Sampson

    I hope “Bone Head Kiffin” was watching…LOL

  • CardinalnGold

    That Olberman bit was WEAK!