Lane Kiffin’s Best Quotes

“Whether I’m getting fired or not has nothing to do with how we prepare. That’s doesn’t change week-to-week regardless of how people think your job security is.”

“It would have been very difficult to go back to the kids and tell them to practice hard if we lost again.”

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  • realtrojan

    If this guy could somehow redeem himself by winning the rest of this season, it’d be like a tennis player who overcame the match point against him and come back to win it. I personally would be really shocked to see it happen, but only time will tell.

    • steveg

      If he did it a lot of people would sure have to shut up for a while. At least until he lost another game.

      • realtrojan

        Yep, winning takes care of all the problems. lol. But the real test hasn’t even begun yet, even though winning this game sure beats losing it. I think Kessler is the one who holds the key for this season, and he’s the biggest hope for Kiffin to save his job.

        • TrojanFan

          Winning cures everything!

        • jetman624

          Kessler and –to a greater extent –the o-line…

          • realtrojan

            Of course you can’t think of one without the other, which means one can make the other better or worse. Hopefully better.

        • marvgoux1

          Beating a horrible team cures everything for the rah rah fans.

          • TrojanFan

            Here, I got it ready, bring the glass over!

          • realtrojan

            Yep, and I’m sure a perennially inferiority stricken team like bRUINS will never understand…lmao.

    • marvgoux1

      I have some swamp land to sell you in Florida.

      • realtrojan

        Gee, what are you going to do with it. I’m afraid it’ll forever be yours since no one will give you an offer on it. lol.

      • Trojan Hoarse

        did you get evicted from your trailer park?

  • steveg

    Watched the game on pc plugged into tv. Pac12 did ok on camera and announcing. They don’t seem to have replay down yet and we missed a few plays as they struggeled through it. Over all they need help, glad it didn’t cost me anything.

  • Golden Trojan

    Give Kiffin credit, the wheels were flying off and he got it back together. BC looked much bigger but slower than WSU but the offense was best so far, and they covered the points which always is a critical point with Wolf. The only negative was the penalties but at least it shows the guys are playing with intensity. Penalties have always been a problem for the Trojans. The crowd was great!!! Supporting the team all the way especially early with the 3 and out on the first possession. Utah St is definitely beatable, faster than BC but not as strong as WSU. Let’s hope the guys keep improving and Kiffin just relaxes and coach without all the media drama.

    • FreeShabazz

      Every ucla fan including myself agrees with you and hopes the same. Don’t stop believing Golden Trojie!!!

      • TrojanFamily

        I think UCLA played today, right? Might you UCLA fans on occasion comment on your own team on your boards? I’d think with an improving programs, you might be a little more interested in your own program and less about the one across town.

        • ThaiMex

          TorganFairWeatherFan…I liked you better when you disappeared last week following the humiliating loss to WAZU. (lemme guess…you lost your internet connection last week)
          fit UN torgan!

  • Joe Blow

    Scott left out one of Kiff’s best quotes:
    Kiffin: Scott Wolf is an @$$hole.