Marqise Lee On Crowd Cheering Incomplete Pass

Here’s what wide receiver Marqise Lee said about the crowd’s sarcastic cheering when Lane Kiffin called for a deep pass on the game’s first play, which fell incomplete.
“That’s a first,” Lee said the crowd cheering an incomplete pass. “First in high school. First in Pop Warner. First in college.”
Tailback Tre Madden said the crowd’s reaction amused the Trojans.
“We all heard (the crowd),” Madden said. “We were laughing in the huddle.”

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  • wiseguy

    The cheering was not sarcastic. It was sincere appreciation for the play call.

    • TrojanFamily

      Very well put. I cheered because it was the right call. Even though the pass was incomplete, the downfield passing plays opened the inside running lanes. That play set the tone and reminded BC they couldn’t put 8 or 9 in the box to stop Madden. The O Line did the rest.

      Scott, we are not all obsessed with Kiffin. We just want USC to win football games. When the play called is instrumental to that, we cheer. When it causes the team to perform poorly and lose, we boo.

    • TrojanFan

      “It was sincere appreciation for the play call”.

      When you’re so narrow-minded, like the wolfman, the true meaning is often overlooked true

    • Ben Factor

      I’m surprised that Scott didn’t interpret it in the way that you are. I find it hard to interpret it any other way.

      Someone please help me out: The reason why the cheering was more likely sarcastic than sincere was because….[fill in the blank]

  • rusoviet

    No it was cheering for vin-dawg chevrolet scully for his working so hard for his gig when he was 23 years old…man talk about paying your dues! …vin-dawg chevrolet-scully….”Hi there everybody I just got announced as the Grand marshal for the 2014 Rose Parade and why it took them so long all have my flunkies find out…I’m Vin-dawg and boy did I work hard to never work with a co-announcer since Red barber got tired of Walter O’Malley in 1953 well I the ‘vin-dawg’ never worked with a co-announcer ever again and never will…vin-dawg just a sniffin’ and a scratchin’

    His signature homage to Popeye The Sailor Man “Ha cha cha cha cha…vin-dawg….

    What is sweet is reading all the ‘angst’ of the cult members for the dawg named vin – so start ‘angsting’ (this is the flip side of the hatred shown Kiffin).

    • wiseguy

      Are there moderators on this forum who can delete garbage posts?

      • Helen

        Then the blog would only consist of reader posts!

      • TrojanFan

        HAHAHA!….Ask bucket, he knows it ALL!

        • ThaiMex

          Helen should BITCH Slap you…but she probably know’s not to pick on impressionable young girly types.
          fit UN torgan

      • Joe Blow

        If there were, yours would be gone.

      • rusoviet

        I’m sorry I know – all the vin-dawg says and does is because he is the god all must worship – down on your knees again curs!

        Now all must sing together “Oh come let us adore him…for he alone is perfect…..he is the vin-dawg waggin’ his tail…” Keep wagging it vin-dawg

    • steveg

      ^^ Take something excessively strong or was it just bad wine.

  • rusoviet

    What counts is we won and not only won but beat the spread by 14 points – the conference look strong save for the overrated AZ St. and Stanford (beat Army by 14 points?)

  • 22

    I too was at the game. The cheering was sincere. I hope the team took it that way. The SC fans who spent 4 hours in the hot Coliseum today were there because they want the Trojans to do well and were doing what they could to support their team. A happy day for Trojan fans, while we understand that the team needs to get better each week.

  • fundevils

    LA fans are a complete joke. SUN DEVILS BABY. overrated?? said by a usc fan? hah !

    • TrojanFan

      Wrong blog!

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    Kiffin’s just happy he doesn’t have to play Akron this season.

  • Dodger_Dog

    Incredible how cynical the media has become about Kiffin and USC fans. I expect it from Wolfie who tok getting kicked out of practice very personally, but the LA Times reported it as sarcastic as well. It may be pointless trying to educate them, but well, here goes.

    The cheering was sincere because it indicated that Kiffin was opening up the playbook. It was a good play call not just because it fooled BC but because it indicated that Kiffin recognized a major flaw in his overly conservative playcalling from the week before.

  • Golden Trojan

    Was the media disappointed there weren’t boos raining down like Kirk Herbstriet predicted could happen on the first 3and out? Sounded like genuine support especially from the student section watching it on TV!