Tre Madden Said Victory Ended `Dark Week’

Tailback Tre Madden said USC’s victory over Boston College ended a tough week for the Trojans.
“It was really dark last week,” Madden said. “This was a relief.”

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  • realtrojan

    Don’t get me wrong, As an alum and a fan, I’m really happy about this win, but USC football is still in darkness considering how low it has gotten in the last few seasons. If this team wins 10 or more games this season, then we might be able to say the dark clouds are behind us.

  • Golden Trojan

    Tre Madden, the first USC running back in 32 YEARS to start the season with 3 100 yd games! Marcus Allen is the last guy to that. He’s a beast and a bright spot on this team. Passing game and O line will need to step it up against faster stronger teams.

    • Helen

      My concern is Kiffin will try and keep this streak alive, even at the expense of making the right decisions… we’ll see next week.

  • Bill

    It was only Boston College, play some competition! It is amazing that a school that is always talks about not wanting to com-Pete is playing such a pansy schedule! But, it was a good victory to keep Kiffin off the hot seat for one week. Time for the long term deal! Keep On Kiffin On!


      Hey idiot, you can only beat the team you’re playing.