Marqise Lee v. Lane Kiffin

The number of times the pair contradict each other is starting to accumulate. On Wednesday, Kiffin said Lee told him he was “flustered” speaking to the media, which caused him to say there was a players-only meeting.

Lee responded Saturday: “I’m never flustered. I talk to media 24-7. C’mon man.”

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  • betomas

    This will continue to be distracting, but Lee is a class act and it’s obvious he’s the one telling the truth here.
    Kiffin needs to stop speaking for Lee.


    I didnt actually hear his response, but the “c’mon man” sounds a bit sarcastic. Maybe another quote that Wolf is blowing out of proportion?

  • Big Wave

    Lee is telling the truth when he says there was a players only meeting. Lame Kiffin has absolutely ZERO integrity and lies every time he opens his mouth. He is very similar to the President Obooba in both of those categories. USC is the perfect place for Lame to be because they pride themselves for not having any class or integrity.

    • TrojanFan

      LAME!….Did you just blow in from left field?

  • TrojanFan

    Who cares!…

  • Hey SUC’s

    Kiffy the Goat is so pathetic: he needs to lie to boost his non-existent self-esteem.

    • Joe Blow

      He’s making $3M times what you make. hahahahaha

      • Hey SUC’s

        Ok, that explains Kiffy’s problem.

  • B.Miller

    Oh great post..
    “Conflict in the camp”
    by all-star sports writer Wolf, Scott