The Top 25

Here’s my ballot for this week’s Associated Press poll:

1. Alabama

2. Louisville

3. Oregon

4. Stanford

5. Clemson

6. LSU

7. Florida State

8. Ohio State

9. Georgia

10. South Carolina

11. Oklahoma State

12. Texas A&M

13. UCLA

14. Oklahoma

15. Michigan

16. Miami

17. Mississippi

18. Northwestern

19. Northern Illinois

20. Baylor

21. Arizona State

22. Florida

23. Texas Tech

24. Washington

25. Michigan State

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  • Cloud Shaman

    disloyal to the trojans. This guy does not know football. Michigan barely beat Akron.

    • ted

      you think southen cal deserves to be in the top 25???!!!! another blind homer! southern cal lost to wsu!!

      • Helen

        No USC does not deserve to be in the Top 25, but I don’t think there is anyone on this planet that thinks Louisville would not be run over by Oregon. I’m beginning to think Scottie was the voice of Donkey in the Shrek movies.

        • Helen, once again you are showing a lot of game on this blog!!

          i have to check with the Cadre Executive Council, but we may be talking Cadre Membership if you keep this up!!

          all you have to do is renounce all things trOXan, burn all of your trOXan garb, sweat a lifetime oath to the Cadre and kiss the paws of the Bruin Bear. lets talk.

          • Helen

            As tempting as this sounds, as a lifelong USC Football fan I would regrettably need to decline. At this point in the season UCLA looks to have a better team, but USC has more upside potential with the maturation of a young QB and OL. Let’s see who has a better team by the end of the season.

          • TrojanFan

            Rack ’em up and knock ’em down!

          • your words say No, No, but your eyes, say YES, YES!!

      • Cloud Shaman

        This is the 2011 season. Trojans ended up ranked 6th. They will continue to win

        • ted


          • Cloud Shaman

            they will keep winning baby

  • TrojanConquest

    Scott, you really think Louisville is the #2 team? Just because they probably won’t lose since their schedule is a fracking joke, doesn’t mean they should be ranked this high.

    • Stu Azole

      Curious, how many Louisville games have you watched this season? Boise was overrated and was going to get schooled by Oklahoma until they didn’t.

      • TrojanConquest

        So Stu, should teams be rewarded for weak schedules? Boise State historically has had to get up for one or two big games a year. You think they, or now Louisville, would go undefeated if in the Pac12, Big 10, or SEC? Do you really think they would go undefeated or even just lose one game if they were in these conferences. Look at Utah or TCU since joining BCS conferences.

        • USConqueror1

          Boise St. would get pounded hard and fast if they played us. BS is BS and they cant hang in a real conference.

        • Stu Azole

          Wasn’t my question. Have you watched them play?

          • TrojanConquest

            Yes Stu I’ve watched them play. They look good, against inferior competition. How about answering my question.

          • Stu Azole

            Were SC 3-0 now, would you argue agains them being ranked with their weak schedule? A good team is a good team.

          • TrojanConquest

            Like I said, the Pac12 is a top conference. They will play good teams. Now that I’ve answered another of your questions, how about answering mine. Would Louisville be the number 2 team and go undefeated, or lose only once, if they were in the Pac12 or SEC?

          • Stu Azole

            For all you know, Oregon is a 3 loss team in the PAC this year. Who have they played that makes you think they are so good? I don’t know what Louisville would do in the PAC, but as of now, I don’t know what Stanford or Oregon will do in the PAC either.

          • TrojanConquest

            Stu, missing my first point. If you play nobody all year, you don’t deserve to be considered for a National Title. Boise State beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl, but would have never made it through a major conference unscathed. I believe the same for Louisville.

          • Stu Azole

            Sorry man, Boise could have taken any team in the country that year. That’s what matters. Funny part of this is that during SCs run, the PAC generally sucked balls. Didn’t mean they weren’t good.

          • Trojan Hoarse

            No team can control how good or bad their conference opponents are…. in fact, it usually goes in cycles…..especially with how transient coaches can be…..both head coaches and assistant coaches…..more than 1/2 the head coaches in the Pac-12 are new….(Cal, Colorado and Oregon this year and ASU, Arizona, UCLA and WSU the year before)… and many conferences have been realigning recently…..

          • Trojan Hoarse

            College rankings really shouldn’t even take place until week 4 or 5, IMO……Minnesota is 3-0, for crying out loud……


      Louisville is just wolf’s new Boise St. He does it for the attention.