Former USC Star WR Mike Williams On Offense

Mike Williams attended Saturday’s USC-Boston College and addressed some of the concerns about the Trojans’ offense.

“People want to see (success) right now. They don’t have a (Mark) Sanchez or a (Matt) Barkley.

“I haven’t been happy with the offense from an effort standpoint. USC should beat Washington State even if it had 50 running plays. They are finding their way and identity. They’ll be fine.”

  • Paul Hackett

    No MIke. As long as brain dead Kiffin is calling the plays, they will not be fine.

  • Fred Sampson

    I can’t wait for Pac 12 play to start, so we can have the Lane Kiffin countdown .

    • sureshot32

      Kiffin’s still waiting for Pac-12 play to start… he too forgot about Wazzu.

  • B.Miller

    Good Point Mike W.

  • Steven Katz

    Sadly regardlIng the main issue irecruiting those big time classes we got year after year with Carol that momentum is over we had hoped Kiffen could continue that but after the Washington game it clear no more 5 star players, UCLA is now getting our guys and USC monster program Carol created is back to where it was before Carol I see no way Kiffen can restore that kind of program, he has no enthusiasm no energy it’s just not him not his personality, so if this program wants to be middle of the road team ok they looked better vs Boston but Mike if we have any hope of returning to glory a coaching change is the only way and it has to be a guy who has personality, energy , and Reputation , maybe John Gruden the press will eat it up we be back in the headlines and recruities will notice us and maybe just maybe we can get back on top.