T-Shirt Of The Day


A reader noted this T-shirt offered by the USC bookstore that mentions Howard Jones, John McKay, John Robinson, Pete Carroll and . .  . the visor. At least it’s marked down to $5.

You can thank Silver Star, the company owned by the Dallas Cowboys’ Jerry Jones, for this one.

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  • Doug S

    Coach Tee Martin??? Probably more realistic given the current circumstances…

  • Bill

    The visor has more personality than Lame Kitten!

    • Paul Hackett

      Or Steve Alford

      • Joe Blow

        Or Scott Wolf

        • Trojan Hoarse

          Or Bucket

  • sweeeet scooop, wolfman!!

  • WEB_Dupree

    I just took a look at that website. That shirt is not the only sad item being sold at a discount; you can order an “Unfinished Business” T-shirt from 2012 as well. Maybe it’s time to just ship that stuff to Haiti and write it off.

    • Paul Hackett

      Or donate it, then they could write it off

      • Joe Blow

        A tax-free non profit writing it off? Good work again, Hackett.

        • Joe Blow

          Quit hacking bucket. Unbecoming

        • Paul Hackett

          It was a joke but it sailed over your head. Hey Moe, shouldn’t you be prepping Ironhead Mike for his 23rd attempt to pass the bar exam?

          • Joe Blow

            You’ve just proved you are using multiple names. What a loser.

    • i once had a plan to buy a bunch of my competitors’ t-shirts and and hand them out to the grungiest street people to wear. i never carried it out, but it may be time to put plan into action using those $5 Southern Cal shirts!!!

      only problem is, the public might not notice anything out of the ordinary!!

      maybe something highlighting the Southern Cal-Muslim Brotherhood connection??

      • Jethro G Sabbath

        Fantastic idea. Get right on it!

      • WEB_Dupree

        Inspired by your notion, I took a look at the UCLA bookstore website, and look what I found…


        A whole selection of Hello Kitty-themed UCLA gear. Now I know what the Cadre wears to the secret club house!


          I could see that, but let’s be honest, the “cadre” aka Bucket and the voices in his head, only shop at the good will or receive clothing from the salvation army.

          • so i’m Gay, and i buy my clothes from the 2nd hand store!!! how can grown men keep relying on these 4th grade comebacks???

            it’s immature and foolish, like if a college football coach called for passes to the same player on every down!!!

          • WEB_Dupree

            What’s gay about Hello Kitty? Isn’t it code for… oh, never mind.