Some Late-Night USC Music

USC has a public piano where students can simply walk up and play a tune. And plenty of students take advantage.

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  • ThaiMex

    Wow…a Public Piano, and….Women’s Crew!!!! LIMBO U….there’s no place to go, but UP!!!!
    Note to Nubsie, Mono (rhymes with You Know What), and OWns….You said Mora would leave after last season (San Diego was the supposed destination)…It didn’t happen…Care to step out on a LIMB (Speaking of LIMBS..Monkeys like LIMB”S….What do you call a Torgan in a Tree full of Monkeys?…BRANCH MANAGER! ) and tell us where he’s going after this season?.

    Lastly….It’s been a couple of weeks since anyone has been arrested or kicked out of school. BAD NEWS COMES IN BUNCHES! (Just like Banana’s, you know…the kind Monkey’s like! NUBSIE’s new business cards read….Mr. Nubsie/Branch Manager).

    fit UN torgans!

  • Ted

    lol! this is relevant because???

  • One programing note: tonight Shaq Evans will be performing his new song entitled “trOXans, Ki$$ my A$$!”

  • One programing note: Shaq Evans will be performing his new hit song “Kiss My A$$, trOXans” tonight only.

    backing him up will be Thai on Washboard, C-Buck on Kalamazoo and Count Smack on Kazoo.