If It’s Thursday, Colin Cowherd Must Be Defending Lane Kiffin

I don’t listen but the crazy comments are sometimes too much to ignore. Today, Cowherd reportedly brought up Florida coach Will Muschamp and whether he would be a candidate at Texas?

“What has Will Muschamp done to deserve consideration for arguably, I would say, the best job in college football – Texas. And he’s got right now, Florida is the third or fourth best job. He was a great coordinator. So was Lane Kiffin.”

Forget about the Muschamp stuff, when was Kiffin a “great coordinator?” Does he remember the 13-9 loss to UCLA in 2006? Or is he going off the 2005 season when Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, LenDale White, etc., led the offense? And he forgets Bush not being on the field for the fourth-and-2 play against Texas.

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  • steveg

    Havin a bad day there Wolfie? Jeez man, lighten up.

    • Ben Factor

      You know, steveg, it’s only occurred to me recently how many of Scott’s blog entries avoid any interesting angles on USC’s play, and focus on very marginal concerns. I don’t mind that he questions Kiffin’s skill, and I understand that it’s Scott’s nature to be petty at times. But he eschews what is current and relevant.

      For instance, this blog raises questions about Kiffin as OC–IN 2006. Kiffin is the OC in-fact in 2013. Why not explain how last week’s offensive plan compared with the WSU plan? What adjustments were made to the OL failures at WSU, or the passing strategy? Or did other factors lead to a better result, not Kiffin?

      Wouldn’t that be a lot more relevant?

  • WEB_Dupree

    I usually listen to at least a few minutes of Cowherd during my morning commute. The worst is when he puts on his amateur sociologist hat and starts talking about political issues, trends in society, or pretty much anything outside of sports. But I did enjoy his criticism of Rachael Ray’s forty-bucks-a-day travel show several years ago.

  • marvgoux1

    Kiffin was a nepotism hire that cost us the Texas game. That was Pete’s one weakness in an otherwise great stint as our head coach. But if Cowherd was really a Trojan fan as he claims how could he slight us by calling Texas the best job in college football? Texas? They’ve won two NC’s in 40 years.


    Coming from the guy who constantly ranked Boise State in the top 5 in a legitimate poll and now has Louisville as #2!

  • Cheap seats

    At least Cowherd does that Thursdays. The Wolfie reminds us of his grudge by blogging on days that end in ‘y’ about Kiffin.

  • CardinalnGold

    Wollfie, you are by definition, a hater. You forget the Sucla had a pretty good defensive coordinator that year too. The offense also rebounded pretty good against Michigan that year. You’re such a hater that I’m actually defending Kiffin on this one.

    • gotroy22

      You are by definition a rah rah if you are going to defend Kiffin’s offense scoring 9 points on a 7-6 fucla team . There was no excuse for that pathetic effort that cost us a national championship.

      • CardinalnGold

        That 06′ team wasn’t Carroll’s most talented team by any means and they still went 11-2. Yeah sUCLA was only 7-6 but it’s still a rivalry game. My point is that you can’t base the quality of work on one bad game. If that’s the case then Kirby Smart (bama) must suck as a defensive coordinator after all the yards he gave up to A&M. Kiffin was a decent O.C. His body of work as a H.C. is a different story though.

      • Cheap seats

        Oh…I forgot USC had tons of firepower that year on offense. Booty was a HEISMAN candidate!

        Did you see how the Raiders run game was ranked in his first year? And that was with ZERO talent on the offensive line and Josh McNown at QB.

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Only thing great about Goatboy Kiffin … is the great comedy of watching this overmatched dummy try to coach a football team. Cowterd better check his facts before he starts spouting who is great and who is a fraud.

  • Evil Robot

    So let me get this correct, when the team is good, its the players and when the team plays poorly, its the coaching.

    Loved to see that you brought up the horrible ’05-06 seasons. Going 33-3 can’t hold a candle to Oregon going 34-3 in ’11-’12, even if that hack Kelley did lose to SC.

    For a guy who doesn’t listen to Cowherd, it seems odd that you would have like 10 posts about him in the past year or so. But then again, what can you expect from a guy who gives the monicker of a Roman general to the head coach of a school named for a Greek city-state.

  • Justinmcrane

    My question is, when exactly was Kiffin a coordinator? My memory is that Sark had veto power over the plays he called. And then Sark took over by himself after Lane left. Kiffin may have had the title, but much like Kennedy Pola, that don’t mean much.

  • G L

    Makes me laugh seeing Wolfie have to cover a program he clearly loathes. Suck it, Wolfie.