Crowd Count

What will be the attendance be tomorrow? As bad as last week with another early game? Anything over 60,000 is probably a pleasant surprise.

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  • Paul Hackett

    Since last weeks “crowd” was closer to 45,000 than whatever the school announced, I’ll guess an actual fanny in seat crowd of 50,000 with an announced crowd of 65,000

  • steveg

    1. I will be there, thats all that matters.

    • Hey SUC’s

      I’m sure you will. But you will be leaving by mid-third quarter, because the Goat herd will be sucking hind-titty by then.

      • Bruin Rick

        Amen brother. Let them have it.

        • Cheap seats

          Wow…another screen name for Bucket. Who would’ve thought???

      • Cheap seats

        You guys should be the LAST to talk about leaving early or not standing behind our program through think and thin! LOL

        As if the Rose Bowl is always packed and people cheer. I’ve been to both many many times. Even when hosting TEXAS you guys didn’t even sell out the RB 2 years back.

        Your non-donor sections are worse than our donor sections in terms of how much our fans get into the game.

        And I thought we were bad when many don’t even stand. Your guys do a GOLF CLAP at the most.

  • TrojanLights

    I will go with 64,000.

  • Stu Azole

    Check how cheap tickets are on StubHub. No chance you see 60k.

  • TDoggy

    UCLA is enjoying its highest ranking since 2007, when the Bruins were ranked 11th in the AP poll after a 2-0 start. That team lost its third game (44-6 at Utah) and dropped out of the poll for good, finishing the year 6-7.
    Dynasty in the making!
    Go bRuins…….gofucla yourselves!

    • Hey SUC’s

      Hey Dog Crap:
      Last year SUC’s started out as the #1 pre-season football team. They were going to finish some unfinished business. How that work out. SUC finished 7 & 6, washed up, useless barbecued Kiffy Goat chumps. SUC is all mouth; a yap a lot, do nothing dynasty.

      • ThaiMex

        t-daggy…#1 to UN…touche’ douche’!!!!
        Attendance manana…..43,678…(that includes a couple of thousand freebies) Final Score 43-31 SUCks on (credits, Neil Young) “The Losing End”.
        fit UN Shout out to all my little M.I.A. Torgan Buddy’s out there….(especially Goat Boys “son”, Bedouin Elmir, DaTrout, LBC, and DonKey….Are you guys all right?)

        fit UN torgans!

        • Thai, these Jamokes can’t take their well earned a$$ whooopin’s like real men!!!
          i guess the Dummis are just gonna have to absord double servings of humilating crotch kicks!!!

          • TrojanFamily

            When will you learn to be a real man? Real men do not kick other men in the crotch.

          • Hey, that’s my purse!!
            I don’t know you!!

    • ThaiMex

      T-Daggy….ONE MORE THING…When you use the Old “Cut & Paste” trick, stealing material from WEARESC, without giving them credit, you come across as soooooooo TORGAN LIKE. (Paskewitz and those other RAH RAH’s are rarely right about anything anyway….ex…Prior to last year and this year as well…..Paskewitz predicted UNDEFEATED SEASONS and Rose Bowl Championships)…..Silly Torgans!
      Did you learn this “plagiarism” thing while at school in South Central?
      Way to represent!
      fit UN torgan!

      • Bruin Rick

        Thai, you nailed it again! I like how you bemanaged to bring in Paske into the mix. That dude is a complete dummy. I love the fit UN torgan punch line. Sweet start to my satyrday! Noting bettar that talegating all day at the beautiful bowl, drinking cervesas and having the spent torgans FLOP before watching the bruin machine inch to toward elite status. Sweetness!

        • Cheap seats

          Bucket — wait….you’ve BEEN to the Rose Bowl before??

      • Jethro G Sabbath

        I figured this wasn’t the only Trojan site you monitored.
        When one has an obsession it can really take hold of one’s life.

  • Cheap seats

    Whatever the number is, I have a feeling Wolf will be absolutely delighted if the figure is less than 70,000.

  • Jethro G Sabbath

    Bucket won’t be in attendance but he will watch every minute and probably post numerous updates here throughout the game.
    That should count as one more “fan”

  • rusoviet

    Hey where’s ‘jonnie’?

    “…and the Sam Gilbert award for the greatest con goes to…..that fruit in his ‘cat in the hat’ outfit – you know brewskies the clown at all your football games with the ‘gay’ tam o’ shanter arrayed in powder blue and yellow always in love with the microphone and any he/shes looking his way….’

    Hmmm he/shes…..ucla my sucla…..sniffing