Utah State: How Dangerous?

The Aggies lost to Oklahoma, 31-24, when they were 4-8 in 2010. And everyone talked this week about their 16-14 loss at Wisconsin last season. But they also lost to Utah this season and the Utes lost to Oregon State.

That makes this game even tougher to predict.

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  • Fred Sampson

    It’s hard to measure how good Utah State is because they have a new Coaching Staff and have not played a significant Team yet…so who knows ?

    • Bill

      Minus the new coaching staff, sounds like SuC!

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Goat Kiffin is coaching USC … it will be closer than it needs to be and the dummy could actually lose to Utah St … ya Utah St
    It would be a fitting end to the Goatboy Kiffin disaster at USC

  • CardinalnGold

    Styles make fights Wolfie. It doesn’t matter who they lost to and who that team lost to. If SC can muster up some scores on offense they’ll win, plain and simple.

    • gotroy22

      This should give us a better gauge on the defense.

      • CardinalnGold

        If SC can dominate the line of scrimmage Mr. Keeton will be in for a long day, no matter how dynamic he is. I just hope the offense can sustain drives & score points to keep the defense fresh.

      • Stu Azole

        dude, D isn’t SC’s problem. You should be trying to gauge the rest of that mess you call a team instead.

        • Trojan Hoarse

          gotroy22 was implying that USC had not yet faced a spread offense this year, you BOZO……..

  • Paul Hackett

    Utah State’s Qb was cramping up against Utah, limited his ability to run. They will be all USC can handle tomorrow.

  • Golden Trojan

    Utah State will be a good Mountain West Conf team. They lost to a very good Mountain West team, Utah (should’ve stayed there). USC will handle both teams. Trojans can’t sleep walk through the first half, need the same anger/fire as last week and they do fine.

  • jetman624

    Back in the day, this would be a “trap game” AT BEST.

  • steveg

    I don’t think Utah St. has seen the speed on defense like USC has. If offensive line plays a good game, it will be all on Kessler to get points on the board. I may all depend on if Kiffin has the deer in the headlights look again.