A Side Benefit Of A Small Crowd

The attendance was announced at 63,482. But there are so few people here, a fan said he has great cell coverage and can watch other games on his phone.

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  • TrojanConquest

    Time for the OL to step up.

    • Bruin Rick

      I hope Haden and the other usc decision-makers are as clueless as you.

  • Mike 70

    This is really horrible. This the worst USC offense in 50 years.

    • TrojanConquest

      When you play this pro-style offense, you need studs upfront. Good luck against Sutton next week.

    • Jack B

      Agree completely. Trojan offense is inept and harmless.

      Absolutely hard to watch.


    As a pulling guard on the 1962 McKay National Championship team and as a high school coach who won two state championships and several CIF section championships, and as the principal of a high school in Northern California, and as a currently bored and angry retiree, I have a few questions:
    Where is the fullback who has been taught to put his face in the numbers of the opposing linebacker while the tailback runs for the end zone?
    Where are the pulling guards on power and sweep?
    Where is the god-awful fear of screwing-up and answering to your position coach, if not the head coach? Where is the head coach who has a consistent approach to the game?
    Gone with basketball on grass?
    Gone with 70’s and 80’d cumbayah?
    Gone with dark shades and a hoodie?
    Gone in the syrupy after-game comments of someone riding the foam on the wave?
    It’s great being cool until cool becomes frozen.
    Through it all…Fight On!

    • FreeShabazz

      As a UCLA fan I really hope that reasonable people like you continue to be ignored. You are spot on though.

    • Booyakasha

      I’m actually surprised we won the game…our O line is really poor…do you have any lines of communication open with the AD’s office. Maybe you can visit practice someday and spend some time with the O line…something to help our O line. Our QB is not as bad as I feared. Silver Linings. Fight On.

    • marvgoux1

      Great comments TJ. Worst of all even lousy teams are losing their fear of SC. It used to be the very sight of Cardinal and Gold would reduce teams to jello before the opening kickoff. Now we have to struggle through our tune up games.

  • Rob

    Why not promote Pendergast to Head Coach? The defense has completely turned around with him and players seem inspired. Carroll was a defensive oriented coach, so have Pendergast as head coach and try to get Chow back to run the offense, or if Chow can’t be enticed to leave Hawaii, then find someone competent to run the offense under Pendergast. Keep Orgeron as Defensive Coordinator. Kiffin has no leadership qualities. The offensive play calling is so poor it is beyond belief! I agree with the former Trojan player….where are pulling guards? If other teams strength is up middle, why not run wide?

  • Stu Azole

    Another quality win for Lane! Extension talks under way now!


    Fire Mike Rae’s caddy!

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    Go Lane, you can do it buddy. Just win 5 more games and you can return to SC for another year of sub-par recruiting, leaderless coaching, and play calling that is more predictable than my nephew’s Pee Wee Junior All American football team.