USC Morning Buzz

There are still questions about USC and this game is supposed to provide some answers. Can the Trojans contain Utah State QB Chuckie Keeton and how will the crowd react? Still on edge after that Washington State loss? Full story here

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  • Bruin Rick

    Chuckie’s gonna tear up that crappy D. You gueys will be owned and embarrassed nationally. But your ad lacks the gutz to get rid of the greatest coach in bruin history, no cleu Lamey


      Go back to your forum you ruin! Stop writing checks your team can’t cash!

      • Big Wave

        Speaking of checks, how is Reggie Bush’ family doing?

        • Big Wave you are on fire today!!

          insofar as check writing goes, the trOXans D is writing a lot of big checks latey claiming to the be the all time best!! maybe we’ll have some more data today on which to determine if this is true!!

  • steveg

    USC defense will show Utah St. the speed they have never seen. That’s why it is one of the best defenses in the nation. Kessler just gets better every week. USC rolls…again.

    • Ted

      actually if utah states has success against southern cal defense and kiffin lays an egg, will you still find a excuse for this team? I am at section 19 row 44 where you going to be? bet you dont even come to the games.

      • Trojan Hoarse

        Which seat, Ted?

    • Big Wave

      So when Utah State puts up 40 on USC’s defense, will you admit that maybe USC’s defense was only good against sub-par teams and when they play someone decent, their defense is no better than their offense?

  • Golden Trojan

    Utah State may have good size and experience at QB and O line but they are still second tier players. If SC plays hard and smart they will win by at least 14. Aggies will have some offensive success early, they will be pumped playing in LA and on ABC TV. Kiffin should go with plenty of run to keep Keeton off the field and grind down Utah State’s defense. Don’t get hot Trojan fans if we’re behind after the first quarter and close at the half. We will pull ahead for good in the second half. Mountain West and WAC teams start fast but they don’t have the strength to go 4 quarters with SC.

    • Big Wave

      So when Utah State beats USC today, will you admit that USC now has second tier players?