USC-Utah State: My Pick

This is a dilemma because Utah State pushes big teams but doesn’t finish. And I’m curious if Lane Kiffin will impose a game plan or let the Trojans’ offense flow like last week. You could make case either way like flipping a coin: Utah State 27, USC 24.

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  • Bestlakersfan

    You’re a f@ggot

    • Mike 70


    • Bruin Rick

      There’s the classy sc we know

  • Trojan4Life

    Best thing Kiffin has done as coach wa to kick Wolfmoron out of practices – are you dumb or just an idiot? SC wins hands down Defense is for real amd Kessler is a gamer so eat $h!t

    • just so you know, Kiff kicking wolfman out of practice was the official start of his downfall.
      it blew up in his face, and he was humiliated!!

      and woflman has been giving him humiliating kicks to the crotch ever since…..kiff never recovered.

      go ask a trOXan, they’ll tell you it’s true.


    • FreeShabazz

      Good call!!!

  • Trojan4Life

    Kinda like the dilemma slick rick the bruin has every morning trying to choose between mens or womens clothes for the day

    • easy, Dummy, Bruin RIck will take you apart in sections, like a tangerine!! Don’t be a fool.

    • Bruin Rick

      That’s all you gotz?

  • Ken Hart

    What a putz you are Wolf.

    • FreeShabazz

      Putz = right on about everything. How can you be so delusional about your team? Just admit when it sucks Ken.

      • bazinga

        Right about the margin of victory. Wrong about who won. Wrong about the amount of scoring. Way wrong about USC’s defense.

  • Golden Trojan

    Wolf letting your anger towards Kiffin cloud your judgement. You’re hoping for a loss because you want to see Kiffin go. SC plays like last week they win comfortably though late in the 3rd before it’s locked up. SC by 14.

  • Big Wave

    I have to admit that Scott Wolf knows what he is talking about. USC’s offense blows and their defense is very overrated having played nobody this entire season. Boston College, Hawaii and Washington State are all at the bottom of their respective leagues barrel. Hopefully all the Trojan players continue thinking they are better than they really are.

    This will be the beginning of a very long 4 weeks for the Trojans.

  • Helen

    Wrong again Wolfman.