Lane Kiffin On Uptempo Offense

With USC struggling and so many colleges using a spread offense, Trojans coach Lane Kiffin said it is not realistic to go uptempo because of scholarship limitations.

“We’re not in the same position as everyone else to go uptempo with the scholarship situation,” Kiffin said.

He added USC’s defense could not handle the stress of going 85-90 plays with its limited roster.

“It’s very different to go uptempo with our scholarship situation,” Kiffin said.

23 thoughts on “Lane Kiffin On Uptempo Offense

      • It’s because you guys are losers haven’t even been to a UCLA game nor have attended UCLA.

        My buddies who are REAL Bruin fans are ecstatic that there team is doing well and could care less what’s going on our boards. They’ve been cheering the team even when Dorrell and Neuhisel were coaching.

        You guys probably left the team at that time.

        • Cheaps, focus on Southern Cal!! this is a Southern Cal blog!!

          if it’s wrong to come here to see the death throes of the Southern Cal football program, then i don’t wanna be RIGHT!!!

          • Doesn’t apply to you (unless those are your screen names)..

            You’re the resident troll. LOL

          • Can you name even 3 players on UCLA’s roster without looking on the internet? Doubtful..

            But you can name our entire roster! LOL

          • Why the F would you end your useles commint with LOL? Thats week. Of course I can name 3 current bruins. As if knowing Markise Li’s name is something kool. The guey is just another trOJan flop.

          • Because you trolls are funny. LOL

            Almost all the REAL UCLA fans I’ve met whether at the Rose Bowl or when they visited the Coliseum were cool guys and even would exchange drinks at our tailgate. Heck, one even let us use their grill when ours didn’t work last year.

            However, it’s the wanna-be’s like you guys who have to make themselves feel important by trolling or doing something stupid at the games. It’s the wanna be’s who also know nothing about UCLA football.

    • Even dumber than ” we struggled because it became an eight-man front day for Utah State’s defense and Washington State contained us with a three-man front. “

  1. Sure Goatboy … we believe that. But nice excuse for not being able to teach anything but how to lose yards throwing bubble screens. Haden needs to tell Goatboy just to shut-up , the guy is a complete idiot.

  2. Obviously all of you nothing about football schemes and tempo. First of all we don’t the horses to run a spread. I think we suit maybe 55-65 players because we have injury list as long as a grocery list. Second, yes it seems like it wouldn’t affect our defense, but that’s where your wrong. Just like on offense, we don’t the depth to rotate players at all three levels to keep them fresh. Lastly, you can’t change you philphilosophy after the team has started. We are who we are, physical running team with a great defense. I’m not going to say that I’m totally happy with the offensive side of the ball, but running the ball and PA action is where we are at. Support the entire team, stop bitching because you think you know what your talking. You don’t!

      • No he ain’t drunk. And I agree with NW, to a point. We are not switching mid-season to a spread.

        But what we can do, and Kiffin seems allergic too, is not run the play clock down ON EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN PLAY. That just allows the defense to get set, review the formation, make adjustments and dig in their heals. And since Kiffin telegraphs plays by formation and personnel, it allows the Defense to guess and gamble, and more than half the time they are right.

        No one is asking Kiffin to run 80+ plays. But he can pick up tempo. He won’t, because he is an uncreative hack, but it is possible to pick your moments when to dictate tempo.

    • Yes sir! Finally some football logic on here.

      Additionally, as much as people like to light up the score board, most people implement the spread to NEUTRALIZE talent because they don’t match up well.

      What if your team has the superior talent?

      Additionally, the spread makes your defense SOFT because it doesn’t practice against a downhill running attack.

      • I agree sir! That’s the last thing we need to have a soft defense. It would get real ugly!

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