USC Halftime Adjustments Ctd


Does the fact USC struggles in the third quarter have anything to do with the fact the coaches in the pressbox, such as offensive coordinator Clay Helton, are not believed to do much during games in terms of changing plays or influencing Coach Lane Kiffin?

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  • Bruin Rick

    No wonz listening to you Scott. Most spent trOJans are a lidel deprest at the moment. Of course there is still a handful of deluscional ones trolling your sight with little game. Sad sad sad

    • steveg

      You are trolling the site, what’s that say for you?


        he’s just another one of the voices in bucket’s head.

      • ProbationU

        See how easy that was Steve? Fucla much more acceptable than jucla! Jucla really is an old slur that you may be unaware of because of how many Jews went to UCLA years ago and the close proximity to Beverly Hills. I am not Jewish anyway. Now you can use Fucla and we can use Puscy and get back to insulting each other the old fashioned way!

        • steveg

          Sounds fine with me, I usually try to stay out of the line of fire and talk football anyway.

          • Ted

            you just got fished!! lol

          • steveg

            Section 19 Teddy. Glad you went?

      • Bruin Rick

        Yeah sawry I haent been waisting my thyme on dummy blogs for yeers. Yes I new to scot,s blogeroo

        • BR, don’t listen to the HATERS!! they hate the world right now with ALL MAJOR sports in the toilet for Southern Cal!!
          keep the zingers coming! i see you rising fast in the Cadre organization!!

    • USConqueror1

      Great. Now we have idiot Trojans like rick pretending to be dumb bRuins trolling a Trojan blog?? and just to piss off other Trojans? Thats how low some people have stooped?

      Rick should be ashamed of his pathetic self.

      • betomas

        Dude that is the first semi intelligent, non-homerish thing you’ve written. I have to agree with you. bruin rick is a tool and what he’s trying to do isn’t working. There are better ways to go about putting bruins on check.

      • Bruin Rick

        Wow, you gueys are great at proving my point that trOJans are dummies. Think what you want but what I luve the best is that you are finding ways to lasche out at make believe fellow usc idiots. Keep it coming cuz I not going anywhere. Il be around long after you leave this cite

  • steveg

    It’s obvious he doesn’t listen to anyone, especially when he gets the “deer” look on his face, we know we are screwed. Why can’t he let the offense cut loose, what has he got to lose, he is getting fired anyway.

    • Saul Goodman

      Sin of pride. It has gotten the best of far better men than Lane Kiffin.

      • steveg

        So true, history just repeats itself.

    • marvgoux1

      He’s been rewarded with a hot wife, million of dollars and steadily better employment by being stubborn so why would he change now?

      • Saul Goodman

        So true. The real question is how will Kiffin manage to fail upward again. Next Pats HC? Next NFL commisioner?

  • steveg

    DECEMBER 31, 2006 USC coach Pete Carroll said he would not fire any assistant coaches
    after the season, regardless of what happens in todays Rose Bowl.

    The No. 8-ranked Trojans are 10-2, which is successful by most
    standards, but theres been a lot of fan criticism, especially directed
    toward offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin.

    “Im not making any changes, Carroll said. “Im not doing anything.


    • Saul Goodman

      Not I. Not anyone who remembers 4th and 1 to become the greatest team ever and we line-up with an empty backfield and our heisman trophy winner on the sideline.

      • ProbationU

        Not to rain on your parade too much, but that was Reggie’s Heisman year. Had you won that game, you would have had to vacate the title anyway. Less embarrassing to lose.

        • rusoviet

          Then again you yahoos have one year left for your 60th Anniversary – oh how the years have flown past – so long ago…..just like ‘jonnie wooden’

          • ProbationU

            That’s true…been a long time. We are overdue. Doesn’t ruin my life. You had a nice run under Pete who got caught. Now it’s over and you have Lane. Lane is your football version of our Steve Lavin. At first, the recruits come because of the school, SC in football and UCLA in basketball, but once the recruits start to figure out that the coach cannot coach, then the recruits dry up. These things are cyclical. The 80’s and 90’s were not great for SC football, same for UCLA basketball. And yes, we love Johnnie Wooden. I even liked John McKay. Had drinks with him one day. Quite good time reminiscing about some games that broke my heart.

    • rusoviet

      Ok how’s Sarkisian done prior to 2013? You forget there were ‘two’ OC’s on that team and yes I am aware of Sarkisian allegedly adamantly denying any input on that failed final drive against TX in Jan. 2006 – nonetheless as bad as Monte Kiffin was two of the past three years Lane never thought of hiring Nick Holt.

  • ProbationU

    Actually, we Bruin Trolls love Lane. First off, he beat us 50-0 which turned out to be the best thing for our football program which was a joke for over a decade under the watch of our lazy AD. Then we lucked into Jim Mora much like SC lucked into Pete Carroll, and he has energized the program. We still have a ways to go, but things are definitely on the upswing. Now, if Lane can win just enough games to keep his job, all will be right with the world.

    • rusoviet

      Hey I’d say your AD didn’t put too much into that pick of Alford from NM – considering the legacy of mens bb good luck with that pick.

      • ProbationU

        We will need some luck with that one. Want to swap AD’s?

        • rusoviet

          No – I’d say it was far shrewder nailing Enfield than scoring w. Mora i.e. there are no restraints on the mens BB @ UCLA ‘and’ Haden inherited Kiffin. Guerrero socred big with John Savage but that effort re. Alford was unbelievable in terms of effort – none.

          Thanks for not acting like a number of knuckleheads who squat here.

          • ProbationU

            I can talk trash like anyone else but it gets a little boring to say the least.

            SC could afford to take a chance on Enfield to try and bring some excitement to SC basketball and put some butts in the seats at Galen. He doesn’t have much of a track record in coaching but a decent hire for SC. Still, Trojans only seem to care about football. Maybe he can develop a brand of SC basketball but it remains to be seen.

            Bruins aren’t real excited about Alford to put it mildly. We will see as well. Neither one has coached a game yet. With all the talent in SoCal, both schools should be able to field good teams. It doesn’t take that many kids in BB, but visiting SC and seeing 2500 people in the stands puts you at a recruiting disadvantage.

          • Fred Sampson

            Anybody would be a better Coach then Kevin O’Neil….OMG that dude has to be one of the worst basketball Coaches ever !!!! Arizona wouldn’t hire him after he filled in for Lute Olsen but USC turns right around and offers him their Head Coaching position .Pat Haden still can’t figure out what to do with their baseball program…is he really a Rhodes Scholar ?

          • ProbationU

            He knew enough to try and steal John Savage from UCLA. Also tried to steal our OL coach and chief recruiter. It’s been awhile since we had SC try to steal an assistant coach. Things must be looking up!

    • Fred Sampson

      LMAO !!!

  • rusoviet

    Until they can do something about the ‘O’ line there will be problems – backs get tired especially if they know there’s little chance of getting a decent hole to pop through – the ‘qb’ we have is at his skill level – they can’t rotate linemen in and thus the exhaustion gives us the 3rd quarters we see.

    • Ted

      I agree, OL is terrible

    • FGsLoseGames

      Agree 2. The offensive line play has been so frustratingly bad. Madden does most of it on his own. Kessler’s getting sacked too much. He won’t make it through the ASU game without better protection.

  • bb

    Its amazing how inept the USC athletic dept. They continue to let Kiffin call the plays after showing a complete ineptitude at being able to do so.

  • Jim Masingill

    Saturday against the Aggies, what I didn’t understand 1st half 2 mins left 3 timeouts, and we don’t at least try some down field passes all runs. Lane is too conservative. Let the OC do his job.

  • Cheap seats

    Always entertaining to hear non football guys like Scott try to diagnose what’s wrong with football teams!

    Halftime adjustments and play calling are SYMPTOMS.

    If Scott actually played football or bothered watching any of the practices during spring and summer camps, he’d know that trying to establish a tempo with THREE different QB’s and shuffling your offensive line the entire time is downright IMPOSSIBLE.

    The biggest issue with the offense was not naming a starter as soon as spring camp. Kessler and Wittek haven’t played since high school as the full time #1.

    Combine that with no emphasis on the run during practice and you have a recipe for disaster.

    And Scott thinks they should go uptempo, too??


    • gotroy22

      Shouldn’t you be criticizing Kiffin for that and not the sportwriter reporting on it?

      • Cheap seats

        Both, The “sportswriter” thinks it’s simply a fix where you call different plays or decide to go uptempo.

        My point is that the issue is deeper. Kiffin was probably too distracted with his staff (defensive coordinator, Pola, etc) and recruits decommiting that he didn’t put the attention needed on the transition at QB.

        Yes — the blame falls on Kiff. But it’s laughable with what Scott thinks are the solutions.

  • B.Miller

    You think Helton does anything? He gets paid to be Kiffin’s assistant.. and “Yes Man”.. Instead of telling him the TRUTH!