• bb

    Obviously Kiffin is making any adjustments and hasn’t. He doesn’t know how.

    • Bman2u

      when you adjust a turd, you are just moving $hit around.


    Why has Mike Rae’s caddy diappeared from the sidelines during game time? Is he sick or afraid to show his face? It’s time to face the music and the fans who pay $60 to watch the clown with the Denny’s menu.

    • Independent_George

      I think he faces it every day, unlike cowards like you who post anomynous comments on blogs.

      • marvgoux1

        Is your full name Independent George or are you admitting you are a coward?

      • USConqueror1

        What the helli are you talking about? Haden is a putz and now hes hidin gout at Heritage Hall and not facing the music. He sucks.

    • Paul Hackett

      It’s tough to look into the stands and see thousands upon thousands of empty seats between the 20 yard lines.

      Or maybe it’s just hard to watch the Kiffin train wreck in person.

  • Helen

    Nice story by Klein over at the LA Times on how great the defense is playing.

    • marvgoux1

      And in other news dog bites man.

    • Hey SUC’s

      That great defense allowed Utah St. 2 offensive TD’s.


        Yep. A team that was averaging >40 pts per game and >500 yds per game.

        • Hey SUC’s

          The next game at Az. State will present a clearer indication of SUC’s D abilities.

          • FIGHTONtoVICTORY

            That’s what we we’ve been hearing every game. last week when referring to USC’s D versus USU’s “real” offense. Win or lose, the D will show up again at ASU and then we’ll hear “just wait for UA” and then “wait until ND before thinking your defense is good”

          • ProbationU

            Your defense is good, possibly very good. That being said, you will need to score more than 17 to win in most league games, including ASU. As good as the D is, you still need more of an offense.

          • steveg

            For once we agree on something. Offense just needs to open up and go for it.

          • ProbationU

            Need an O line to open it up. Your line can’t pass protect and teams will stack the box and force Kessler to throw. Scholie restrictions hurt depth along O line and may hurt your D line as well. Your first stringers are great on D line, particularly Breslin who I like and Leonard Williams is a beast, but they will wear down at some point against a high tempo offense. That is one reason SC has to move slower on offense and can’t go high tempo. D needs a breather.

          • ThaiMex

            MEMBER? You Member!…(courtesy of my favorite comedian, George Lopez)…Early season WINS against schools like Syracuse, Hawaii, Minny and her poor sister Virginia always get RAH RAH’s PUMPED UP. Why not wait till you beat somebody! Of the 123 NCAA FBS schools, you have wins against the #114 (B.C.) and #117 (Hawaii) teams ranked by total Offense (SUCks offense comes in at # 106). Suppose your offense played against your defense. Which side is BETTER? YUP…the defense is better! Why…because the defense is sooooo good or because your offense stinks?

            SUNSHINE PUMPERS for ever.
            fit UN!

          • steveg

            Right, then it will be the next game and the next game. Admit it, the defense is awsome.

          • Hey SUC’s

            So awesome it allowed two TDs to a team w/o a QB and an relevant OC. And, lets not forget the 1st team D played to entire game. Wow. Kiffy must have been scared.

        • USConqueror1

          Thats right! And we shut their offense down hard. Our D is made up of half man half amazing young players.

      • Bill

        Shouldn’t you be talking about how great Utah State’s defense was for holding SuC’s offense to less yards? Keep On Kiffin On!

  • Golden Trojan

    I posted awhile back the question of who would cover the points, USC by 6.5 or UCLA by 42. WOW, turns out it’s UCLA! 3 second half points. Did anyone notice how Kiffin couldn’t get play in after the turn over? When head coaches call plays it takes too long to switch gears.


    With the whole offense thing aside, because we know the offense sucks the big one, why is everyone now saying that this was a tougher than expected win when before the game everyone was saying that USC will probably lose this one?

    • gotroy22

      Because most fans wanted Kiffin to prove us wrong and blow out a clearly inferior opponent. Instead the nightmare continues.

  • B.Miller

    That was a problem last year and this year.. I dont think he knows how!