Cody Kessler Sack/Fumble Changed Game?

Utah State v USCUSC coach Lane Kiffin said today after Cody Kessler’s sack and fumble that the Trojans’ offense, “didn’t regain our balance.”

Why does one play send an offensive game plan into a tailspin?

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  • Independent_George

    Because Lane runs a dumbed down version an NFL system that relies on timing, tight windows and precision passing. It is hard enough to do in the NFL (ie. Todd Haley with KC and now Pittsburgh) and almost impossible to do in college.

  • Booyakasha

    Last season he said the missed play in the Arizona game sent the season into a tailspin. If you didn’t question that you certainly shouldn’t question this. If you did question that, then this remark shouldn’t surprise you. So either way you should know that the drivel he spouts in press conferences shouldn’t be taken seriously.

    • steveg

      Actually what Kiffin says in press conferences shouldn’t be listened to.

    • sureshot32

      Which one, the play where Robert Woods was wide open for a long touchdown and Barkley overthrew him? That play would have put SC up by three touchdowns and pretty much put the game away. It did have bearing on that game, but any coach worth his salt would have been able to right the ship. The fact that one play here or there could submarine a season or game is an indictment on Kiffin’s ability to coach and/or relate to the players.

  • wolfman, when Kiff made the fateful decision to mess with you by trying to BAN you from practice, THAT was what sent his WORLD into a tailspin!!! up to that point, it was Heisman this and Number 1 Team that!!!

    but when that blew up in his mug, and the smoke cleared, he was like Navin Johnson walking around with his pants down carrying a chair and a lamp!!!

    • Joe Blow

      What’s your excuse?

      • Same as Navin, interminable lawsuits…

        • Stu Azole

          Not reduced scholarships? Bwahahahahaha!

          • FIGHTONtoVICTORY

            i see the voices are in full force tonight

          • it’s queeer how much you dread the Cadre….but if your coping mechanism is to make believe we are one Super Blogger rather than a legion of freedom writers, then c’est la vie!!

            pero, no te preocupes, we have not targeted you…..yet.

  • bb

    Please kiffin takes no responsibility for his awful play calling. Help. Stop him from calling anymore plays.

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    The tired old Goatboy/Suckisian excuse. Always one messed up play ( players fault ) that stopped a scoring explosion. Goat should just get back to his ‘ we were bad on offense ‘ excuse …. it’s the only one remotely true.

  • Fred Sampson

    No matter how you cut it the Trojans have a lousy Offensive Line that struggled against the first 4 very average Teams they played. What do you think is going to happen once Pac 12 play begins ? Opposing Teams usually bring their “A” game when they play USC, so I believe they are in for a very long ugly season.

  • B.Miller

    I think Kiffin needs to simplify his Offense.. It will allow the offense to play faster..

    Look how well it worked for the defense now they can play faster..