Refs Cost Utah State Big Play

Mike Pereira, who works for the Pac-12, explains how the game officials, which appeared to be a Pac-12 crew, botched Utah State’s 31-yard completion in the second quarter by wrongly penalizing the Aggies for an ineligible receiver downfield.

The game was tied, 7-7, and Utah State would have had the ball at USC’s 38-yard line.

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  • Goatboy Kiffin

    a cheap weak call by the refs and a shanked punt to beat Utah St at home … yikes
    Oh for the days of Carroll/Chow

  • Bruin Rick

    Wow who would have thot that the once mity trOJans would need help from teh refs to beat a sorry Utahr team at home. Times are good.

  • Trojandn

    Ummmm, ok so what’s the point? Hopefully you are not inferring that this one call cost Utah State the game. Utah State could have fumbled on the next play or threw an interception. Who’s to say that Mike’s second guessing is even correct as he was not on the field seeing what the official saw in real time. It’s like what Woody Allen said, those that can’t do, teach or in this case second guess.

    • Paul Hackett

      The guy isn’t second guessing genius.

  • Paul Hackett

    WOW, a PAC 12 officiating crew screwed up? Impossible.

  • had lunch with a trOXan buddy today who pointed out that after the game, Kiff personally chased down and shook the hands of several referees. Said he never saw that happen before.

    wolf you are so ON TO SOMETHING here!!


      bucket… those voices in your head aren’t “buddies”

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Did you call your buddy a trOXan?

  • Henry Bibby

    Can anyone look at the tape? Fans were stating in the stands that 5 Utah State players were lined up in the backfield, so it was an illegal formation. Either way, 3-1.

    • Joe H

      I watched the game again after returning home from the stadium. The ineligible receiver clearly did not go downfield. There were seven on the line. Bad call.

  • gotroy22

    The embarrassment of Pac 12 officating continues and one day it may cost us a game. Here’s an idea Larry Scott, how about funnelling a few million of that surplus cash from the network deal into hiring proven competent officials away from other conferences?

  • Hey SUC’s

    SUC gets the benefit of another bogus call? I am SHOCKED. Wasn’t Charles White credited with numerous TD’s without actually ever crossing the GL. No other team in Div. 1 football has received as much benefit as SUC from dubious penalties and referee mistakes. There have been game I’ve witnessed that gave the impression some of the ref’s had money on SUC.

    • TrojanFamily

      Why do you undermine what could be an interesting post with childish, 6 year-old type lines like calling USC “SUC?” You could actually have some real game trolling if you grew a pair and stopped the name-calling. Try it. You might find your masculinity.

      • Hey SUC’s

        When one the USC fan’s addresses UCLA as fucla or fruitcla and goes ballistic homophobic on a Bruin post, I consider the source. In a sense, I admit SUC is somewhat childish. But as a metaphor for USC football, SUC has its charm. TF if you were me, what might you label Kiffy Goat ball?

        • TrojanFamily

          Either bad football or Dorrell-esque

          • Hey SUC’s

            Dorrellesque! Very good but not good enough. SUC football still sucks, but the your water polo team is a success and front page news in the Balkans.

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      How long ago was that?
      As a hater, maybe you should let it go.

      • Hey SUC’s

        Can’t because year in, and year out SUC benefits from Ref cheap calls and mistakes. The topic is here is the refs screwed Utah St. out of a fair play. And SUC benefited. As I say typical.


    You know it’s just amazing to see how many of you trolls come the USC sites and hate. It must really suck to be a fan of your team. Fight On!

  • B.Miller

    Would you expect anything different from the Pac 12 Refs?