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When USC coach Lane Kiffin said scholarship reductions prevent running an up-termpo offense, did that also explain last week’s stat that showed the Trojans were 120th in plays per minute?

Does Kiffin want a slow game because he thinks the defense needs to rest with 70 scholarship players? Penn Stae, with 67 scholarships, is ranked 59th in plays per minute.

Meanwhile, Kiffin provided few answers Sunday night on the offensive woes. Full story here

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  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Goat is out of excuses. If you think this offense is bad , wait until you see his offense at his next gig, say, Eastern Utah St. This clown is the biggest fraud in college coaching , even bigger than Chunky Weis and fat dumb Steve Suckisian , if that is possible.

    • Fred Sampson

      LMAO !!!!! Hilarious !! But true..

    • Paul Hackett

      Sorry, but people at any Utah college are smart enough not to hire this putz

  • Trojandn

    Gotta agree with Kiffin on the up-tempo offense. USC’s defense is the team’s strength. Offensive tempo minutes in a game does not matter. USC needs their defense to remain healthy and strong if they want to continue to win games this year.

  • bb

    Excuses excuses but no change is hard to deal with. Haden needs to do something.

  • ThaiMex

    Nubsie, you better have a drink or two…I don’t know how to break the news to you. After Kicking your REAR ENDS in Football, Basketball and Baseball….Those mean and nasty UCLA Bruins just snapped USC’s 42-game MEN’S WATER POLO winning streak to win the NorCal Invitational title with a 9-8 victory. Sorry Bud. Oh well….at least you guy’s still own Womens Crew!
    Fit UN TORGANS! (The University of Second Choice!)

    • buhhhhhh-BAM!!

    • Joe Blow

      Wake me up when you win Beach Volleyball

  • Fred Sampson

    Lane is full of excuses and Pat Haden lined the way, because all he talks about is scholarship reduction, so quite naturally his Boy Kiffin is going to sing the same song. That’s why they both may need to go, and I’m sure Haden is a brilliant Guy but he’s just not and Athletic Director for USC…..You need a “set” for that job.

    • sureshot32

      You have to hope Haden is working behind the scenes to start conversations with guys like Chris Peterson and Kevin Sumlin. If he is privately supporting Kiffin as much as he is publicly, we’re all in trouble.

      • Stu Azole

        Petersen will go to UT if they ask. Sumlin’s happy at A&M and has his team lined up for a good run over the next several years. No way he bails for SC now. Get ready for Clancy as your next HC.

        • Fred Sampson

          Well Pat Haden does have a track record of handing his programs over to current assistant Coaches, but the Alum won’t let him do that with the football program.

    • Independent_George

      Who says Haden isn’t going to get rid of him after the season? But Haden needs to be fired BECAUSE HE IS NOT TOUGH ENOUGH GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

      Give it a rest, Flintstone. This is the last year of Kiffin’s contract. There is no talk of extension. Alumni and donors have already bailed. For a young coach Kiffin seems unusually devoid of new ideas, and this seems clear to EVERYONE, the Admionstration included. Haden has stopped showing up on the sidelines (he did the same a few weeks before O’Neill was canned). It sems pretty clear to me that unless Kiffin runs the table in conference play he will not be back. And what Haden should be doing is what he is doing, holding wack-a-doodle internet commenters at bay and telegraphing to a new coach that the Adminstration has your back when Fred Flinstone and Joe Blow are DEMANDING THAT HEADS ROLL NOW!!!!!!.

      What you don’t do is fire a coach mid-seaon, especially when that coach is 3-1. These are 19 and 20 y.o. players, sometimes they catch fire, sometimes they don’t, but you have to be patient. You don’t fire mid-season a coach with a winning record, not matter how much of a mirage that record might be, because ANOMYNOUS BLOG COMMENTERS DEMAND IT. Every AD of every major program knows that, and most fans of major programs know this, except apparently the delusional USC fan base.

      If USC starts losing by 20 or more points in conference play, it might be time to hit the eject button because at that point it is clear that the kids have quit. The defense is one of the top defesnes in the nation and they haven’t quit. Don’t you think the kids should be given a chance to see what they can do? Maybe they can carry the team to a South title? I doubt it but then only Stanford and Oregon look unbeatable. ASU can be defended against, Arizona has no defense, Utah is Utah, Colorado is Colorado and UCLA is a Hundley hamstring injury away from tanking.

      Fire Kiffin with a 3-1 record and before conference play really begins and say hello to the new coach HERM EDWARDS, because no one worth his weight is going to coach at a school where the Adsminstration is so easily mau-maued by fans, then say hello to football mediocrity for the rest of your lifetime.

      • Fred Sampson

        All of that is true, but a Brotha needs to vent sometimes…LOL !!

  • Stu Azole

    well, another great weekend for LA’s Bruins! Dominating win at the Rose Bowl AND a quality win over USC in Water Polo! If SC doesn’t have Water Polo anymore, what does it have?

    • O.J. and Reggie.

    • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

      Women’s lacrosse.

      • TrojanFamily

        Trolls who obsess so much about USC that they don’t even enjoy their own team’s success.

  • NotAFanOfYou

    Who is Penn Stae?

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    Confirming Lane as UCLA’s favorite SC coach of all time, and his “un-tempo” offense: Out of 125 FBS teams, USC is 107th in third down conversion percentage at 27%, while UCLA is ranked #1 at 68%. Go Lane! Go bubble screen!

    • Stu Azole

      another “un” for SC!

    • Joe H

      USC is #122 in tempo. So what? Alabama is #121. There is more than one way to skin a Bruin. Not being able to convert third downs, however, is a real problem.

      • EncinitasBruin

        Alabama, however, is scoring points (38 per game).

  • B.Miller

    If Haden keeps Kiffin, it should be mandatory for Kiffin to hire a legit OC! If he does not Kiffin needs to go!