NCAA Gives Penn State The Break It Never Gave USC

Nice call by the NCAA today to slowly restore scholarships to Penn State starting next season. But why didn’t it ever do the same for USC? The Trojans faced pretty draconian sanctions and it seems pretty much agreed these days the penalties were too harsh.

And USC never sued the NCAA like the state of Pennsylvania.

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    Envy just like Garret said! Dragonian sanctions won’t stop us!

  • ProbationU

    Wolf, you can’t have it both ways. You consistently downplay the effect of the sanctions and scholarship reductions and now you refer to them as draconian. Which one is it?

    • Stu Azole

      a more savy reader would conclude that yes, the sanctions were harsh, but they’re not a valid excuse for the sorry state of the program. Ta-da!

      • TrojanFamily

        Excuses and explanations are not the same thing.

        Sanctions hurt USC, but the decision to hire Kiffin has made it even worse. USC would be hurting even at full scholarship levels with Kiffin’s play-calling and his choices to play not to lose rather than to win. No coach could easily have thrived in light of the sanctions. A poor coach just makes a tough situation completely untenable.

  • Bill

    That is what Mikey G and Petey C get for stringing along the NCAA for four years before plea bargaining down to the sanctions that they received. Reggie and OJ were thrown under the bus, but there was a lot more stuff going on at SuC!

    • Independent_George

      Such as?

    • TrojanFamily

      Utter BS. Penn State sued the organization and got scholarship relief. Penn State covered up a sexual molestation scandal and didn’t cooperate with the investigation. And they got scholarship relief. And USC was accused of a lack of oversight for improper benefits given to student-athletes (in essence, they should have known better). Penn State was accused to turning the other way when they learned that a former assistant coach was molesting boys in Penn State’s facilities.

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    Why? Because Penn State wasn’t kicking the crap out of the Big Ten, the SEC and Notre Dame by Double Digits every year. The Value of those Network TV Contacts were being diminished. The Trojans needed to be $topped.

  • jetman624

    Haden was not the right guy to have at the wheel when the program got leveled like it did. The school should have sued and everyone knew it except him.

  • B.Miller

    F**K THE NCAA!