Paging Larry Scott

Penn State A.D. Dave Joyner told Sports Illustrated’s Pete Thamel that Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany is a “great commissioner.” Delany is viewed as a great politician and lobbyist.
Which reminds us? What has Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott ever done? He can cut a TV deal, of course, but otherwise when does he help his own schools, other than having the refs blow calls for the nonconference team in the Arizona State-Wisconsin and USC-Utah State games.

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  • Stu Azole

    So what can we conclude from the NCAA’s reduction of Penn State’s
    snactions? We can conclude that for SC not to have pursued a reduction
    more vigorously, there must be a TON of evidence supporting the ruling.
    That’s right – Pete and his entire team were cheating and the
    University and PAC 12 knew it. What else can you conclude, Sucsters? Haha, cheat

    • Joe Blow

      No proof. If you have it, show it. You don’t.

      • Stu Azole

        Haha, no proof? Why else is Pat sitting on his hands here? HE KNOWS SC was cheating the whole time. CHEAT ON!

        • Joe Blow

          Just show me ONE shred of evidence….other than jive talk from your gangbangers. Just ONE piece of evidence. THERE IS NONE.

          • Stu Azole

            Denial. Still in denial. SC’s the most-penalized program in the country. That’s not new. In fact, SC being busted for cheating is almost consistent enough to set my watch to. CHEAT ON!

          • Joe Blow

            Just show me ONE shred of evidence….other than jive talk from your gangbangers. Just ONE piece of evidence. THERE IS NONE.
            You CAN’T. You just throw $h!t up against the wall. Same as Woodie cheating with Sam Gilbert. You are not credible.

    • RememberTheFreedomBowl

      So just where is the McNair case at right now? Still waiting for the evidence to be unsealed by the court to expose the Fraud.

  • Independent_George

    Delaney is a very good commisioner. The Big 10 has remained a major conference even though the population of its original core (Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Illinois) has declined in real terms and even more so as a percentage of the country. He did this by expansion and with an eye on television markets.

    Scott wasn’t hired to lobby, he was hired to drag the Pac-10/12 into the late 20th Century.

    Scott forgets how ridiculously insular and behind the curve Tom Hansen was. It was considered a women’s sports conference and the Pac-10 was happy with that until the SEC began to supplant the Pac-10 in women’s athletics.

    Until Scott, Pac-10 schools ran as individual fiefdoms. Washington Narc’d on USC, USC returned the favor, Arizona narced on ASU, USC and UCLA of an official detente but narced on each other at the margins, Stabford and Cal existed in their own little world.

    It is still that way. When OSU and PSU where slammed, Delany had their backs. Not so with USC, partly because of Scott and his lack of political connections, but mainly because other conference presidents were fine with it as long as it didn’t affect TV rights. Belatedly Scott had Oregon’s back, but only because the conference presidents saw the money they lost when USC was slammed.

    So it isn’t as much Scott’s fault, who is doing what he was hired to do: bitch about DirectTV and take the PR hit when the conference’s permanent crappy officiating rears it’s head. It is the school presidents fault. So instead of castigating Larry, how about going after Emmert’s good buddy and partner in crime, Oregon State President Ed Ray.


    Did Delany make the NCAA forget what Sandusky did to JoePaw in that shower? THis is insane!

  • marvgoux1

    Larry Scott gave us the worst of all worlds. Instead of two 8 team divisions that would have included Texas schools, we added two teams of little athletic import and now for the next two years SC doesn’t play the marquee team of the league, Oregon. Brilliant! In addition Larry Scott allowed the Pac 12 network to become a pawn of the evil Time Warner corporation instead of being made available to all fans. Thanks for nothing, Larry.