• while i disagree with any reduction in Penn State’s punishment, the basis for the reductions is evidently Penn State’s commitment to being a “good citizen” and doing everything right from here on out.

    but can the same be said for Kiff and Bounce Pass Haden?? Kiff has been caught lying about his AP vote, deflating balls and jersey switching…..NOT to mention his treatment of the wolfman!!

    the wolfman has powerful friends, so long as Kiff is still there, no breaks!!!

    when you mess with the wolfman you’re gonna get the fangs!!



      Thats your demintia talking!

    • ThaiMex

      Chucker….Let’s not forget the whole “AZZZhole in El Paso” mess, when Goat Boy got Cow Punched!
      fit UN!

  • steveg

    I seriously doubt they will even say anything about it, there is such a lack of BALLS in leadership at USC anymore. I thought Haden would be good for the school after MG, but now I don’t think so. The whole bunch needs to be shown the door and bring in someone with swagger and get this athletic program back to prominence. And yes trolls, it will be back, so enjoy your little respite.

    • Joe Blow

      What do you think I’ve been saying for YEARS?

      • steveg

        I might be slow but I’m not stupid. lol

        • Joe Blow

          SLOW = HADEN!

    • Golden Trojan

      It was the arrogance and snobbery of MG that got these penalties in the first place. Being humble in the media and some behind the scenes pleading the case for fairness would be the approach.

      • TrojanFamily

        Penn Sate was far from humble when the state sued the NCAA. This case definitely undermines the “arrogant USC brought the sanctions on themselves” argument. Penn State’s strategy was to understate its role in the scandal, cry foul that the sanctions disproportionately affect future classes that had nothing to do with the initial scandal, and then sue the organization when hit with a penalty. They were rewarded with scholarship relief. So how would a more cooperative USC have been more successful than a combative Penn State?

        • Golden Trojan

          I agree Penn St is getting off the hook. Every other school that got into trouble after SC placed nice and cooperative and got lenient penalties. Something fishy about Penn St getting off.

      • Booyakasha

        The NCAA said USC cooperated, so I don’t really understand the snobbery part of it. Dee, Missy Conboy and Co. were determined to flog us, irrespective of the merits of the case and they did. I thought Haden was a good move back then, but he seems to be keen on being non-confrontational than fighting for justice. Knowing what I know now, I’d much rather have MG as the AD, he atleast spoke his mind.

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    Haden already said earlier today that he wouldn’t pursue a reduction in sanctions. His statement included the following: “We also are hopeful that the NCAA’s recently-enacted enforcement and penalty reforms will result in a consistent and fair enforcement and penalty process for all its institutions. USC will continue to work cooperatively with the NCAA towards that goal.”

    You would think a Rhodes scholar would know that an adverb ending in “ly” should not be hyphenated (i.e. “recently-enacted” is incorrect). My UCLA education taught me that.

    • Joe Blow

      Haden made a dumb mistake and hired a fucla bRuin to write up his press releases. Of course Pat was too busy with the next SC musical coming up that he didn’t have time to proof read the release.

      • Cheap seats

        Haha. Good one..


    Mike Rae’s caddy needs to be fired.

    • Joe Blow


  • Golden Trojan

    Penn State should be sued into the stone age for what they let happen. They must have some power alumni and friends.

  • Cheap seats

    I see bucket voted 79 times.

  • ProbationU

    Why doesn’t Haden push harder? Anyone remember Joe McKnight?

  • B.Miller

    If the NCAA is going to allow the passing of Child rape, I think they should lighten up on the Amateurism..