Lane Kiffin Said No One Is Guaranteed Redshirt

USC coach Lane Kiffin said he is keeping every true freshman “alive,” which means he has not decided to redshirt any player. Kiffin said some freshmen are even practicing with the first-and-second team this week that no one knows about.

Really? So quarterback Max Browne might not redshirt? His biggest job right now is signaling in plays. I’d like to know a scenario where offensive linemen Nico Falah and Khaliel Rodgers play?

But it allows Kiffin to use scholarship reductions as an issue again.

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  • snarfy

    You’re always complaining about something. Nobody cares even when you’re right because you’re always singing the same song. Scott Wolf = the stopped clock that’s right twice a day.

  • wolfman, you’re ON IT like a rat on a Cheeto!!!

    why on EARTH do Kiff and Bounce Pass think they can slip ANYTHING past you wolfman??

    i have to chortle when they attempt to pass off these trifles!!


      you got the rat part right.


      Demintia is nasty stuff!

  • NotAFanOfYou

    The team barely has any depth. SC has 9 games left. 2 or 3 bad injuries on the offensive line and you will see those guys playing. Common sense dip sh*t.

  • Henry Bibby

    Scholarship reductions again? Do you have anything to report about ASU on Saturday? Didn’t think so. You probably root for USC to lose.

    • B.Miller

      If USC wins and does well then Wolf would not have a job to do.. As long as USC struggles, Wolf has job security.

  • Helen

    Rope a dope.

  • Paul Hackett

    I see that the sunshine pumpers have come out to back their idiot coach today. Still basking in the glow of the 17-14 win over mighty Utah State ?


      Coach you look different these days!


      wasn’t Utah St. averaging more points and yds per game than UCLA before they played usc?

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Goatboy , you are such genius ( just like your play calling ) juggling this short USC roster and looking ahead …. the coach at USC next year thanks you

  • bb

    kiffin manages the players the way he manages the offense. He burned George Farmars redshirt and than he received a major injury

  • john wolcott

    I thought the problem with the lack of 85 players was that SC was shorthanded when practicing,which carries over to games

    There is no question 85 is better than 75.

    But it is true that Scott acts like a discarded lover when it comes to Kiff. Lighten up, boy, show a little SC class.