The solution to third quarter scoring is firing the guy calling the plays and making halftime adjustments. Simple!

    • Booyakasha

      I wish he were making half-time adjustments

  • steveg

    “And most of all …” Hey Wolf, your agenda is showing!! AGAIN, AS ALWAYS ANYMORE.
    Wolf, you were such a different writer a few years ago. Sometimes even a little enjoyable. Not so anymore. Sorry.
    Same, same, same!! Thanks for the injury update. What a breath of fresh air.

    • Stu Azole

      yet you’re still here. Hmmm.

  • Trojenz

    Maybe if we didn’t appeal the sanctions and act like arrogant douchebags the NCAA might be more inclined to reduce our sanctions

  • Bill

    Lame Kitten can’t seek scholarship relief because of scholarship reductions!
    With all the 5* busts sitting on the bench, what good would an additional 10 do? There would have been 10 more in the fight last year at the Sun Bowl!

    • TrojanFamily

      Champ, maybe you should sit the next few plays off.

      • Bill

        I can’t because of scholarship reductions!

    • Stu Azole

      LOL. Comment of the day!

  • Paul Hackett

    Haden is still bent over waiting for the NCAA to give it to him again.


    So now its okay that JoePa was molested by Sandusky in that shower? The Paterno family will be POed!

  • Stu Azole

    Look, the difference is that Penn State never should have been penalized anyway – they didn’t actually break any NCAA rules, did they? Civil and criminal charges were fine, but the NCAA had no real standing here.

    SUC, on the other hand, was found out to have the cheatiest program in the country – again. CHEAT ON!


      what sounds more like lack of institutional control, a player’s family receiving benefits from an agent not affiliated with the school and 200 miles away, or school and football officials covering up sexual abuse of many children in the school’s showers/locker rooms? USC should have received failure to monitor at the worst while PSU should have received lack of institutional control

      • gotroy22

        How did covering up for a homosexual pervert confer a competitive advantage for Penn State?


          And i ask you, how did Reggie’s mom and stepdad living rent-free in San Diego paid by a 3rd party not associated with USC “confer a competitive advantage for USC?”

          • Joe H

            The violations went beyond Bush to include that Floyd paid someone to steer OJ Mayo to USC and random violations in other sports.

            I am sympathetic re the Bush situation as the money came long after he joined USC, but when the top player in each of the two top sports received significant amounts of money, which was well known on campus – Reggie’s used but tricked out car and Mayo bragging about getting a flat screen or similar – to say the athletic department didn’t know and was in control is nonsense.

          • FIGHTONtoVICTORY

            The question is, where’s the proof?
            Sure we can assume all day and you’d probably be right. But the fact is that there is no proof that anyone knew. Which is why McNair is successfully suing the ncaa. The problem is that the NCAA is judge, jury and executioner.

          • ProbationU

            Ignorance is not a defense in a case about “lack of institutional control.” The NCAA argued that USC should have known if they had proper processes in place. Carroll operated very open practices where all sorts of hangers-on, agents and would-be agents would be at the practice field. He created an environment for cheating and could always claim he “didn’t know.” He didn’t know about steroid use either, but then Cushing was busted by the NFL.

          • FIGHTONtoVICTORY

            would that not be “Failure to Monitor?”

          • SCFTBL1


      • Stu Azole

        you’re forgetting the stated goal of the NCAA. They’re not the police. They have rules that all schools must follow. Criminal acts by coaches on non-players, no matter how disgusting and illegal, aren’t covered in the NCAA’s rules. If you disagree, find those rules for me.

  • ProbationU

    While it has been mentioned that Garrett’s approach to the NCAA was overly aggressive and did not help USC’s case, there is one other misstep that has not been mentioned here.

    That is the hiring of Lane Kiffin. Kiffin had been on Carroll’s staff that was at the center of the investigation, plus in his year at Tennessee he had already run afoul of the NCAA with several little dust ups and had ticked off most of the SEC. It was a bit of an “in your face” by Garrett to hire Kiffin. And to top that off, the guy can’t coach. Now that was a real win-win for SC.

  • B.Miller

    FU-NCAA is justifying Child rape as being minor compared to NCAA sport amateurism


    All of you are just lost. I you want to do is crap on the team! Most of you are fair weather fans anyway so basically I’m just wasting my breath. No other coach would of taken the job! It was well documented that Kiffin was not USC’s first choice, but he was the only decent choice left out there with the balls to captain a sinking ship. Let that simmer in for a little bit. No other coach wanted this mess our beloved Coach Carroll left behind. As you can recall, 2008 was his last good season. Believe me if Garrett could’ve gotten a more accomplished coach he would’ve, but there wasn’t. So instead of crapping on the team and it’s coaching staff, shut up and support them. The ssanctions may be over next year but its damages is yet to come and we are having kids graduate and jump to the NFL. 25 scholarships a year won’t be enough to increase our depth and we will have a bunch of freshmen and sophomores starting that most llikely are not ready. The NCAA did exactly this for a reason, to cripple us for the next five years.

  • michael wilson

    Lane Kiffin is only as good as Pat Haden. Pat Haden is a fraud with his comments directed toward the NCAA. Haden DOES NOT represent the best interest of USC and all alumni. Lane Kiffin and Pat Haden need to be replaced immediately. At this point, Kiffin can go tomorrow, and let Ed Orgeron fill-in until the end of the current season. Haden chose NOT to fight the NCAA, and that is counter to the family. Enough is enough! Come on Alumni, let’s get with it.

  • michael wilson

    For all Pat Haden fans, watch in a few weeks how ND serenades their former TV commentator, and he will relish in all of the glitter. He is a second class fraud at best. His loyalties are not to USC, but rather to ND.