USC Plays Per Minute Update

The Trojans are currently the nation’s seventh-slowest offense, averaging 1.98 plays per minute. I asked Lane Kiffin if it was intentional because he said USC cannot play an up-tempo offense with scholarship reductions.

“We’re managing the situation we’re in,” Kiffin said.

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  • B.Miller

    do you think playing an uptempo offense is going to help the offense score? Or how about just executing and calling better plays?

    • The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0

      What is the story/original source behind your avatar? That’s straight fire….

      • B.Miller

        to be honest.. I have had that picture for so long.. I absolutely forgot where or how I got it.. HA!

  • Cheap seats

    The 10th (or whatever it is) blog this week on uptempo offense?

  • Rope a Dope.

    • Bill

      Kiffin can’t rope-a-dope because of scholarship reductions!

      • HAWR-HAWR!!!

        How far can Kiff take this??
        Layla: “it’s ok, Kiff, it happens to every guy” (not C-buck I’ll bet)
        Kiff: “it’s those damn scholarship reductions!!”

        • Bucket’s Lover

          My Charlie is tighter than a 16 year old, that’s a fact!

          The shoehorn works every time!


    • Bucket’s Lover

      You cockless turd, get back in bed I’m rock hard!

      • Trojan Fan’s Lover

        I can’t stand you, Bucket’s Lover!!

        You get to be Bucket’s lover!! no wonder you’re always “rock hard”!!

        i am stuck with this north Vegas low-life pea-brain who can’t even function as a man!! oh, it sucks to be me!!

        • Bucket’s Lover

          You’re the “low life pea-brain” for staying with him!

          With all the coin he has, I’m sure you’re well compensated

  • Stu Azole

    Take that all you suckers who think Wolfie doesn’t ask the tough questions! POW!

    • Trojan Hoarse

      He asks the most STUPID questions……


    It’s all about execution, not tempo. Our kids are just not executing for whatever reason, coaching or lack of focus. Fight On!

    • Bill

      The coaches can’t coach because of scholarship reductions!


        I don’t necessarily totally agree but they some to do it. Like I said, either it’s lack of coaching and developing them or the players on the offensive side ars not focussing and retaining the gameplan.

    • ThaiMex

      I agree. With regard to the players execution…..I’m all for it! (credit to someone who said it before me)

      fit UN


        If you would pay more attention. We have 20+players on the injury list, and a few we are not gettingback.

        • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

          Let me call the whaaabulance. Has SC’s program fallen so far that you guys need to play the injury card?

      • Trojan Hoarse

        The execution line was from John McKay when he was head coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers…..

      • Trojan Fan’s Lover

        Mr. ThaiMex, i am looking to escape from T-FAIL!! he makes me the laughing stock among gay concubines!!

        But being YOUR lover would skyrocket my street cred!! whattcha say, sport? Please don’t leave me with this North Vegas reetard!!

  • Golden Trojan

    Hard for Kiffin to call in the plays quickly and be the head coach. Chip Kelly is one the few to be able to do that. It’s Kiffin not the players that can’t go up tempo. He doesn’t need more players he needs an Offensive coord.

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    The recession is due to scholarship reductions. And global warming.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Is that also the reason for your poor love life?