NCAA Question Of The Night

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What did you think of Pat Haden’s meeting and comments with the NCAA?
Great idea!   Too little, too late   The NCAA needs to listen   The NCAA doesn’t care     

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  • bb

    Talk to Kiffin about his lousy play calling sbd the team would be better.

  • Fade

    Haven’t we self imposed enough in the past four years with Kiffin? This guy has done more damaged to USC than the sanctions. Scott please continue to go after this guy.

  • Ted

    What is Haden waiting on? Kiffin has got to go! No?

  • ThaiMex

    Garrett’s, along with Cheatey are the one’s responsible for your crippling sanctions and embarrassing performance….(not to downplay the contributions by your retarded head coach!). Now this is the kind of comedy you just can’t make up. Payback is a bitch!

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Nice punctuation!

    • snarfy

      USC football accomplished more during Pete Carroll’s nine years than UCLA has accomplished in its entire history. Even if we stay in the tank until the end of time your program would still never catch up, so I don’t think there’s too much to be upset with Coach Carroll about.

      I’d love to know what kind of cheating you think he engaged in.

      Btw when’s the last time UCLA won the Rose Bowl? Clinton’s first term?

      • Bill

        The Rose Bowl meant something back then! When was the last time SuC won a meaningful Rose Bowl game (aka Texas)?

        • Joe Blow

          Fucla’s goal is the Rose Bowl. SC’s is a national championship. We don’t give a crap about bRuins. You slugs measure your LIFE vs the Trojans.

          • Stu Azole

            Sorry man, but that was under Rick. In case you haven’t noticed (many SC wonks are still hiding in denial here), Mora doesn’t have his sights set on just a Rose Bowl. Fail ON!

          • Joe Blow

            Mora is better than Rick. BUT, really, he hasn’t done anything yet. IF fucla makes the Top 10 at year end, I will bow down. But it won’t happen.

        • snarfy

          Really? What did it mean back then that it doesn’t mean now?

          If UCLA won a Rose Bowl now we’d never hear the end of it. That’s how little it means these days.

    • it shoud be pointed out that despite having the most talent (by far), the most NFL drafted players and the annointed coach (Chetey) the trOXans can claim exactly ZERO BCS titles!!! (you know the titles actualy WON on the field?)
      and now the BCS era is ending!! what an amazing choke!! sevel programs actually won more than one BSC title during this time!!
      trOXans, just be quiet and make sure you show up for your A$$ whoooping in November!! UCLA owns this blog now, and out of respect to the wolfman, we’ll let you stay for now so long as you quit biching and crying!!

      • Jethro G Sabbath

        Good job getting in and fixing the grammatical error by Thai.

    • Fade

      ThaiMex – You must be a mutt that is in need of a rabies shot with you hatred of USC.

    • Joe Blow

      You’re living it. 909

  • john wolcott

    It seems apparent Haden will not be able to keep Kiffin after this season, if no other reason than he’d have an SC fan rebellion on his hands.

    However, Coach is here to stay for the 2013 season, so unless Trojan fans are ready to mail it in, why not try to enjoy the rest of the year, win or lose

  • steveg

    It is to little to late, They should have stood up against the NCAA long ago. USC did not deserve the punishment they got, sorry little school trolls.

  • Golden Trojan

    How about a reporter looking into why USC got the severe penalties it did. Why do other schools get leniency? Why does Penn St get a parole and not USC? East coast bias, USC is arrogant, USC is still so corrupt, other schools ADs fear or are jealous of USC. What’s the real answer! Wolf be a reporter!

    PS: Isn’t USC back to full scholarships strength this next signing day?

  • Stu Azole

    Look dummies, I told you yesterday that nothing would come from SC’s meeting with the NCAA and that’s just what the NCAA just said. Get over it. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!

  • B.Miller

    OH WAIT!
    Wolf you sure do beat the SH*T out of a story don’t you..