Safety Josh Shaw On Scholarship Reductions

USC safety Josh Shaw was asked if he noticed a difference or felt like there were fewer players with the Trojans dealing with scholarship reductions.

“I really don’t notice a difference,” Shaw said. “I guess it was like that when I got here so I don’t notice.”

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  • Fred Sampson

    My point exactly !!!!

    • Hey SUC’s

      I’m with you Freddy.

  • Bruin Rick

    He didnt notice because of scholarship reductions

  • Henry Bibby

    Back to the same scholarship reduction crap? Stick to the real problem, ASU.

    • Stu Azole

      sorry dood, but ASU’s not the real problem… SC’s loss in Tempe will just be a symptom.

    • Hey SUC’s

      SUC’s football team reminds me of dilapidated, intermittent running, Yugo. The Goat’s driving a car no one would care to steal. Kiffy on though.

  • Paul Hackett

    Josh Shaw was then hustled into the McKay center where he was told to get his mind right and recant what he just said at practice the next day.


    HAHAHAHA you asked a player who has only been at USC during the scholarship reduction period… holy cow wolf.

  • Hey SUC’s

    This just in: the Goat has announced Josh Shaw did notice the scholarship reductions and was misquoted by loser, pessimistic SUC hating reporters. “Trust me on this”, said Kiffy.

  • B.Miller

    How many times are you going to report on Scholly reductions? Give it a rest now..

  • bb

    Shaw is being honest that d is not noticing any problems