• john wolcott

    1. SC previously had its day in “court” (the NCAA version), and lost. Decisions will only be overturned if there is new and convincing evidence.

    2. Haden played it the only way it could be played. Stay nice, and then if there is a possible opening (Penn State’s punishment being downgraded), then jump in

    3. The NCAA did not immediately say nyet (no) because it had to run the SC plea by its committee, which only took 24 hours.

    4. And the bottom line is that SC has taken it on the chin for 2 years, and only has 1 year to go. So even if the NCAA had softened its original SC punishment, it would not have made a whole lot of difference anyway.

    • steveg

      It may have taken an excuse away from Kiffin, and gotten Wolf back to doing his job.

    • Stu Azole

      Sorry dood, but sanctions will leave a dent for years to come.

  • Golden Trojan

    What is the purpose of the NCAA? Ensure an equal playing field for all college student athletes. Police all behavior for all school administrators as well. If it is only the former, then Penn St did nothing to give it’s athletes an unfair advantage. So the NCAA over reacted in penalizing Penn St mostly to show outrage for what happened there. SC pleaded its case, appealed twice. Now it’s over. A year and a half we will be back up to 85 players under scholarships, have a proven skilled head coach and back on our way to the top.


      Amen, let’s just hope Kiffin can muster up some offense in the remainder of his final year.

      • ThaiMex

        Hope is all you’ve got….Hope and your other boyfriend, MONO!
        fit un!


          You really shouldnt leave your hot dog cart unattended at peak hours.

    • Cheap seats

      Then what about Auburn with Cam Newton? Oregon’s payment to the “scouting company”? The stuff with Miami? Ohio State?

      Mere slaps on the wrist for those.

      A year and a half? I sure hope so, but after reading what all the non-USC coaches are saying in the media about the effects on recruiting, development of freshmen who should’ve redshirted, etc, I have a bad feeling..

    • gotroy22

      Another year and a half until our long nightmare is over.

  • Golden Trojan

    Now can we talk Trojans v Sundevils football? Wolf get back on track!

    • Bill

      Can’t talk about football because of scholarship restrictions…. It is the new excuse for everything!


        Bill is restricted to spending all day on a USC blog because of scholarship restrictions!

      • Arturo

        Will that excuse work for the question of why do you beat your wife?

  • Isaiahdolan

    Oddly enough, this rejection of an appeal simply reinforces the NCAA is a big joke. All SEC teams appear to be exempt and a program that allowed a pedophile gets sympathy.

  • ThaiMex

    The NCAA….(just like me)…is looking forward to watching the ROYAL AZZ WHOOOPIN’ SUCks gets Saturday against Arizona State. 48-21….SCUm comes out on the short end.
    fit UN!!!!

  • Arturo

    Integrity and taking the high road counts. I know that it isn’t paying off for the Trojans just yet but you won’t keep the best program in College Football down too long.

    • ProbationU

      Alabama is down?

  • USConqueror1

    F THE SAND DEVILS!!! there women are ugly.

  • Dr. Paul

    Miami is is now 4-0. Maybe USC should try using prostitutes….. with NCAA Officials.