USC’s Fearless Schedule And Recruit John Smith’s Remark

Here’s a couple things worth taking a look at:
Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel writes about the way former USC coach Pete Carroll never shied away from playing any team in contrast to Alabama. The story also makes you wonder about those future USC games with New Mexico and Idaho.
And this is a quote from Long Beach Poly safety John Smith from before the Boston College game but it was behind the paywall. Smith told Adam Gorney: “Lane Kiffin, I don’t know. Lane Kiffin is a great coach but his moves right now are (not) very high to a lot of recruits like me. It’s not going well.”

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  • Stu Azole

    Credit to the kid for being politically correct – “Lane’s a great coach…” HAHA, really?

  • Henry Bibby


    • Bill

      It is better than talking about how SuC is going to get crushed this weekend by ASU!
      It is going to suck being out of the running for the Rose Bowl after the fourth game!

    • Hey SUC’s

      Hank, take several valium, chug three quarts of Old English 800, and then do a several head dips in a public toilet. Now, you have a reason to scream at yourself.

  • Kiffin don’t know!

  • Stu Azole

    Serious question – how long ago was SC’s schedule set? Not all these cupcakes are Lane’s.

  • Why aren’t future match ups with Texas and Tennessee mentioned here? I guess they will be cupcakes in the coming years? Why not mention how A&M backed out of their commitment? Facts are schedules are made several years in advance and power conference schools are not in rush to schedule other power conference schools. Also how about taking a jab at Ohio State for their recent non conference schedule and lack of elite teams in the conference.

    Scotty Boy back on track with his tunnel vision

  • rusoviet

    Man good riddance if a potential recruit thinks nothing about questioning a coach’s skill – imagine what dealing with this primmadonna will be like regardless of where he lands?

    • Stu Azole

      haha, so funny. He’s dying to be a Trogan but can’t bring himself to do it. SC was his team growing up and Lane’s blown it! Kid’s hardly a prima donna in any event though, and happens to be one of the best to every play at Poly.

      • Trojan Hoarse

        I wouldn’t care if he was the best to ever have played in the Moore League, if he doesn’t want to come to USC, then he shouldn’t come……no hard feelings here…..

    • Bill

      Keep On Kiffin On!

    • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

      Any recruit rejecting a sinking SC program is dubbed either “fat” or “arrogant” by pUSC faithful. Why not just blame the sanctions on why this kid doesn’t want to play for an inferior coach?

    • Hey SUC’s

      There is no questioning the Goat’s acumen when he dons his magic Sombrero.

  • rusoviet

    Just received – Troy announced no tailgating ‘on campus’ for the Thursday evening 10th October 2013 against AZ. Only allowed on the Coliseum parking areas.Oh well ten just get liquored up after you park the car.

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    “It’s not going well.” Ouch. Out of the mouths of babes…

    Eddie Vanderdoes, Kylie Fitts, Myles Jack, Priest Willis, Eddie Massington, Ellis McCarthy, Tahaan Goodman, Christian Morris, and Adarius Pickett hotly pursued by SC, but all knew the program on the rise was UCLA.

    Mr. Smith goes to Westwood?

    • Trojan Hoarse

      That’s a really great list of talented recruits for UCLA…. but, tell me, what do you honestly expect from this team?…..a National Championship is obviously out of the question, but seriously?…..a BCS Bowl game?….something better than last years Holiday Bowl, one would hope…. what would be reasonable to expect from your schools wealth of young talent, including a sure fire, 1st round NFL QB in next years draft?…..C’mon, Owns/Rents/Leases/Borrows…… now is your chance to call your shot……

      • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

        Fair question, TH.

        Best case scenario: split the Oregon-Stanford away games (we line up well against Stanford), lose one other game (to either Wash, SC, or ASU), finish 10-2 and make a BCS game, ranked in the top 10. (Strike the BCS bid if we lose late in the season to SC).

        Worst case scenario: Lose to both Oregon and Stanford, plus two other Pac-12 games (to either Wash, USC, or ASU), finish 8-4, and go to Holiday or some other mid-level bowl.

        In the past, at about this point in the season (see Dorrell and Neu years), UCLA gets over-rated in top 15, and then gets blown out by Utah or Az. I don’t think that happens this year with the depth, speed, athleticism, and focus of this team, particularly with Mazzone as OC and Mora at the reigns.

        Biggest surprise to me has been Jordon Payton, who has efficiently stepped into Franklin’s shoes. We also get Thigpen back this week–one of the most dangerous RBs out of the backfield.

        Also, I think SC will continue to improve this year, barring further injuries, and Kessler will continue to gain confidence. I think Pac-12 South again will be decided by the crosstown rivalry game on 11/30.

        • Trojan Hoarse

          That’s not out of the question, although I’m not sure that you factored in the North-South Conference Championship game into your equation….During the preseason Media Day, some of the pundits selected ASU to win the South, although I think that UCLA is the more logical choice for the reasons that you state…..USC should improve as the year goes on, thanks in large part to their defense keeping them in games….as much as I would like to believe that November 30th will decide the Pac-12 South, USC simply lacks the game experience at too many key offensive positions (QB, Center, LT and Running Back)…who else in the Top Ten, let alone the Pac-12 Conference, is dealing with similar circumstances?……and regardless of Wolf’s refusal to accept it, lack of developed depth due to reduced scholarships because of sanctions is a factor, like it or not….

          • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

            Sanctions hurt. Most of my level-headed UCLA friends and SC family and friends all agree that the NCAA came down way too hard. On ASU: Kessler will have to have his “coming out party” game, plus the D will need to create points off TO’s to beat the Sun Devils. From there, I see SC beating Az, ND (yeah, upset), Ut, Cal, and losing to Stan, UCLA, and OSU. Best case: 9-3 (if you can beat OSU at night in Corvalis), and worst case 7-5. Don’t see the wheels falling off–worst is behind the Trojans.

          • TrojanFan

            We play 13 games, nice try!

  • john wolcott

    Did I really see that?– a thoughtful, no-insults exchange between Hoarse and Owns.

    I knew if I lived long enough, I might see this day.