Time to pull a 2011 and get this ship righted.

    • Hey SUC’s

      Sorry Vic. The SUC ship is in worse shape than Costa Concordia. AZ State 38 – Admiral Kiffy 13.

    • TrojanFan

      I wish!

  • Shermaclay

    Sadly, no. USC’s offense is headed further south than Tempe.

  • fundevils

    I’ll happily do the booing for usc fans if none of them show up. Dumb fair weather boo your own team at halftime fans. hahahahahahah


      freakin sand people…


    24-10 USC trojans. Defense shuts down ASU offense.

  • snake plissken

    Defense keeps it close but offense is again unable to pull its share of the load. ASU 24 USC 17

  • Bill

    ASU – 47, SuC – 7. And unfortunately, Lame Kitten gets fired on Sunday night. It will be sad to see the genius go!

    • TrojanFan

      Bill, can you order extra pancakes with the new breakfast platter?


    SC 14-10

  • gotroy22

    ESPN Game Day picked SC to win.

    • Golden Trojan

      Actually they went 50-50 if you count the golfer Bubba and the Duck Dynasty Duffus.

  • Golden Trojan

    Who knows what the offense will do. They score 20+ and SC wins. Unfortunately, 20-17 Sundevils. Another nail in the great offensive guru Lane Kiffin. If what Finebaum says is right Kiffin’s gone in December. Wow did he slam Kiffin.
    “How does Kiffin get these jobs – his daddy’s rep. Kiffin is the Miley Cyrus of coaches, little talent but you just can’t help but watch. Elite players are avoiding Kiffin. Kiffin is gone after this season and hopefully for Trojan fans they hire a grownup!”

  • Paul Hackett

    ASU 24
    USC14 with no 3rd quarter scoring once again

  • USConqueror1

    USC 58
    Little Blitches 0

    • fundevils

      you were saying? stupid bitch

      • USConqueror1

        F U. line em up again and we’ll take you with Orgeron.

  • TDOG

    TDog says SCs defense is for REAL – 8th ranked Florida St def didnt look nearly as good as SCs vs BC – ASU scores 10 pts or less, SC scores 21 or more – thats that folks! Beat the sun queers! And uCLa sux!

    • TrojanFan

      Fuc the ruins!

      USC 20
      ASU 16

      • Joe Blow

        bucket’s old lady SCORES on every Trojan player. And NONE use a TROJAN.

  • TDOG

    Oh and Finebaum??? Who is he??? Looks like a clown he should shut up – I am pretty sure Kiffin would take him out in a cage fight

  • FreeShabazz

    ASU 31 – SC 20

  • https://www.facebook.com/charles.bucket.3 Charlie Bucket

    My prediction: Paaaaaaain!!!

  • Arturo

    Reason for Optimism? Utah St. manhandled a pretty good San Jose St. team last night;Boston College Gave FSU a scare; and Washington St. is 3-1 going into tonight’s game with Oregon. Just trying to be the opposite of SW. Hawaii has nice weather.

  • Ted

    24-17 ASU