Call Pete Carroll, Call Nick Saban, Call Urban Meyer

This is USC. It can afford to pay a coach $8 million per year. Why not get turned down by the best first and then start talking to other coaches. Last time around, Mike Garrett settled too early on Lane Kiffin and look what happened.

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  • jameskatt

    Cheatie Pete got USC into the trouble it is currently in. So why ask for more trouble?

    • ThomasTucker

      Reggie Bush was the only significant violation during Carroll era and that’s on Bush and his greedy parents, not Carroll. Hypocritical former Miami AD Paul Dee was head of NCAA Infractions Committee. The slimy loser waylaid USC while his dirty school was on full take with Nevin Shapiro doling out cash, hookers and who knows what else for nearly a decade. “High-profile athletes demand high-profile compliance,” Dee infamously said. RIP (Rot In Place) to the lying loser. NCAA sucks too.

      • max

        A coach is responsible for monitoring compliance by all in his program, including players, idiot!

        • ThomasTucker

          Really Max. What happened to Auburn when Cam Newton got paid. What happened to Penn State when their coach raped little boys. What happened to Miami when Shapiro bought the program. …wrist slaps from good ol boy network.

        • steveg

          But Max, it was a players parents getting the goods. HC is supposed to visit and monitor parents too?

      • Hey SUC’s

        But Little Petey Pom-Pom knew Reggie DB was getting paid. And if he didn’t know, why didn’t LP P-P testify for SUC during the original Investigation? You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

      • i keep a tabbed copy of the NCAA report on my desk at the Candy Factory.
        the NCAA had VERY STRONG suspicions about McNair and they basically say they didn’t beliive a word he said. HE WAS THERE with Reggie and Lake when they concocted the plan.
        THAT is why SOuthern Cal got Banhammered!! Reggie’s case although staggering in the scope of his greed, was not the main factor in this case.

    • gotroy22

      We brought John Robinson back in 1993 after he got us on 3 years probation in the early 1980s. Most SC fans would love to have Pete back, baggage and all. But he’s going to be busy until February so he’s out for now.

  • ThomasTucker

    Wow. A partly sane comment from Wolf. Saban yes. Sumlin yes. Jeff Fisher did not win big. Del Rio not a winner in Jacksonville. Meyer no way. Petersen is good in the second-tier. Carroll will never come back fool; he’s on his way to Super Bowl season. Surprised Wolf is not chanting for his heartthrob Norm Chow…but he’s discredited himself as a coattail coach…only winning when the HC was a winner… Pete Carroll and Lavelle Edwards.

    • gotroy22

      Petersen was a flavor of the month like the TCU coach Gary Patterson, now both are back to mediocrity. Both would never be able to handle the bigtime LA scene. We need a coach with a thick skin who can handle the media and schmooze the alumni like Pete did.

  • steveg

    For 8 million a year, call me. I can handle getting fired for that much money.

    You want Ceaser back? Lets get Scoscia for baseball, and the zen master Jackson for basketball.

    Are you blaming all this on Garrett? Never thought we would hear that from Wolfy.

  • Stu Azole

    Pete, no. Saban wouldn’t take the $10m at Texas, so no. Miles? Nope.

    Realistic list – Petersen, Sark, Mora (yes, they’ll try), Smart, and that guy from Vandy.


      I typically dont take anything you say serious, but if USC offered Sark, I’d give up my season tickets.

  • Isaiahdolan

    Sure, and while you are at it try Bill Belchick and Jim Harbaugh.

    • marvgoux1

      Pete just won in OT against Houston to go 4-0.

  • fundevils

    usc sucks balls. hahahahhahahahahahah


      just remember that USC’s anemic offense put up 41 pts and 500+ yds on that ASU defense. Have fun with UCLA and Washington.

      • fundevils

        lmao ! the game was over by then buddy. have fun not making a bowl. stupid bitch


          WSU held us to 7 pts! Ill take a new coach over playing in whatever garbage bowl the sundevils play in.

          • fundevils

            shut up stupid bitch. you are a pathetic usc fan who was probably booing them a week ago. stupid LA fans. you are all pathetic

          • FIGHTONtoVICTORY

            You sure are angry for a guy who’s team just won. Forget your meds today? Fantasy team not doin too hot? Enjoy the MAACO Car Care bowl. We’ll be relaxing in the perfect So Cal weather bringin in a top tier coach:) Fight On!

          • fundevils

            shut up stupid bitch. nice prediction yesterday

          • FIGHTONtoVICTORY

            Turned out better than my prediction. We’re getting a new HC! This morning was the best news we’ve had in 2 seasons. I understand you’re a little grumpy, waking up this morning to 115 degree weather, but maybe take a dip in the pool and cool down? That much anger mixed with the heat can’t be healthy.

          • fundevils

            you really are a stupid bitch hahahahahhaha

          • FIGHTONtoVICTORY

            You are a witty one. Those comebacks are 2nd to none! You may have even taken Bucket’s place with those quips! Fight on fundevil! Go out and Fork ’em 😉

          • fundevils

            fight on ! AHAHAHAHHAHA

          • steveg

            Have ALL 27 of your posts on here been so filled with love? You sound like a young little fundevil. Most of us don’t even read your stupid sht.

          • fundevils

            except you just did. and you checked out how many posts ive done. hahahahahahahahhahahaha. what a joke. fight one !

          • touche’

          • steveg

            Didn’t read them, just saw how many and saw most of them were today.

          • fundevils

            lmao !

          • fundevils

            it must really suck to suck. ahahaa

          • HEY!!

          • HEY!

        • ProbationU

          I am actually a Bruin and you are just making an A$$ of yourself. You can tell it’s the 1st half of the season because the Devils are always excited early and fall apart later. SC will own your a$$ again and us Bruins look forward to spanking it at the Rose Bowl again this year. Have fun at the Emerald Nut Bow.

  • LamontRaymond

    Not any of those 3. Remember Pete petered out toward the end of his run. And we can create our own legends here. We don’t need Meyer/Saban. I’m a little surprised not many are talking about Chuckie.

    • Stu Azole

      True. Most Trojans don’t recall that Pete’s last few years weren’t great. Besides, you can’t recreate lightning in a bottle.


        It was mostly his last season. When Barkley was a freshman. The year before he won the Rose Bowl, but really should have played Florida in the BCS championship game.

      • Tom Oday

        WTF? 2006-2009=11-2, 11-2, 12-1, & 9-4.

  • Bruin 34

    Sad to see lame go! Damn! Wish he could have stuck around as long as Dorrell and Neu did.

    • gotroy22

      Did those two ruin losers make it to 4 seasons too?

  • Bill

    Might as well throw Bill Bellichek, Sean Payton, even Joe Paterno and Bear Bryant in there also! Lane was what was left when all the others laughed in their faces!


      With the sanctions ending, USC should be able to bring in a much better coach than Kiffin.

      • gotroy22

        Why was Ohio State able to bring in a great coach during sanctions?


          Ohio St. didn’t have 10 scholarships per season taken away. Are you for real comparing what OSU got to what USC did? They lost 9 TOTAL

  • fundevils

    you guys are a joke

  • David Stewart

    Scott…you are an idiot…did you know that? The rest of us do!

  • rusoviet

    Haden is no fool nor is Nikias – they will do some serious vetting and if they’re shrewd do exactly what WA St. and AZ did ‘in camera’ ‘sub rosa’ before any announcement is made and that won’t until after the UCLA game.

    They don’t want what happened to Notre Dame (O’Leary) – this will entail a thorough backround and then culling of the list. And they certainly don’t want to look like Guerrero did when he was considering sacking Howland but then failed to secure a strong ‘yes’ from a strong candidate and instead settled for a publicly exposed third choice.

  • TrojanConquest

    Gruden, Cowher, Fisher, Strong, Sumlin, Petersen. Give Gruden $10M now and let him start recruiting. Glad Kiffin didn’t get a complete recruiting class last time so now we have more for the new coach to get.

  • Cheap seats

    Get Jim Mora……Sr.

    (yeah right)

    Whoever is getting this deal is going to have some big issues to deal with. Unlike Mora’s situation when he took over UCLA, we don’t have a Hunley or CRN’s recruits maturing from a prior year.

  • Trojan Hoarse

    What a great idea, Wolf! Then, you can say that whatever coach they actually hire was only the fourth choice …’ll have months of writing material……idiot

    • (Memo to wolf: you KNOW i love you like a brother, but T-Hose got you on that one)

      • Trojan Hoarse

        Why, thank you, Charlie…. that’s the nicest things you’ve ever posted about me…..(this isn’t the “faux” Charlie, is it?)

  • CheattheSystem

    I like the possibility that Chucky would come coach our little team, but has anyone reached out to Pat Hill? That guy always seemed to get the most out of his players. Heck, Frestucky State almost beat USC in the Reggie Bush game in ’05!


  • B.Miller

    Jack Del Rio Bobby Petrino