Jack Del Rio In L.A.?

That’s according to an unconfirmed twitter report. Del Rio did speak to the media in Denver after the Broncos game and said, “There isn’t anything to say. It’s all speculation at this point.”

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  • TrojanConquest

    Del Rio doesn’t excite me. I’d rather get a guy who knows the college spread game. The exception would be Gruden. Also Del Rio could be tied up with the Broncos until the Super Bowl. I’d like a top HC, but Mike Norvell will be a top HC in the future, IMO. That ASU offense is tough to defend.

    • Cheap seats

      The Broncos sure looked good against Chip Kelly’s spread tonight, right?

      Stanford stopped that ASU offense.

      • rusoviet

        Ok let’s play ‘One more degree of separation’ – Del Rio’s stint in Jacksonville

    • Fred Sampson

      Remember Jim Mora ? Everybody knew Mora was a good Coach . NFL records don’t always reflect a Coaches ability to Coach because there’s too much politics involved, which was the case with Mora and definitely with Jack Del Rio .

      • TrojanConquest

        Agreed. And nobody thought Carroll was a great hire at the time. I just don’t want them to hire Del Rio quickly to get someone in place for recruiting.

    • ThaiMex

      Norvell? He just beat a LOUSY over rated (weren’t most of these guys on last year’s # 1 ranked team?) bunch of prima-donna’s. If you’re gonna anoint someone head coach because of his teams offensive performance against SCUm, you’re gonna end up with a pretty long list of candidates because you’re gonna lose plenty of games.
      fit UN Knuckleheads
      5 & 8….looking pretty GREAT!

    • B.Miller

      Stanford did a good job

  • David Stewart

    Unconfirmed twitter report? Your professors must be proud of you Scott. Way to scoop a story.

    • gotroy22

      Where would we be without your whining, Sunshine Pumper?

      • Trojan Hoarse

        Gee… I dunno?… I guess we would be left with an incompetent, balding beat writer who specializes in speculative, inflammatory journalism?…in other words, the status quo….And BTW… how is David Stewart being a Sunshine Pumper (your favorite derogatory term)?…he is simply calling out Scottie and his obvious laziness… an unconfirmed Tweet?… this is his post worthy source?…seriously?… By your defending him, you’re obviously OK with Wolf’s quality of journalism for your team…. enjoy

        • David Stewart

          Thanks for the support Trojan Hoarse. Your posts, along with a handful of others are the only ones I read on this Blog…I just skip over the known Trolls like Bucket and gotroy22. You had some great postings today by the way

          • Trojan Hoarse

            Anytime David……I’m always glad to help out a TRUE fan, such as yourself…I often read almost all the comments, just for entertainment value, then I blast the most idiotic ones….but it’s almost become a full time job!…. Ha……your comments are refreshingly well thought out, supportive and rational…. our team is going through a rather difficult time right now and they need all of the support from the REAL fans that they can get….FIGHT ON!

  • Taco Del Rio?? he was the only reason Peyton Manning and Denver did NOT make the Super Bowl last year, somehow getting torched on a 70 yard bomb with seconds left in regulation!!

    what a dumbbell!! that is the ultimate sin, and it ALL falls on the DC!!! how we was NOT fired was the mystery of the off season!!

    knock yourself out, trOXans, you’d be getting the booby prize and celebrating like you won the powerball!!!


      At least you mentioned a booby this time instead of a crotch.

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Actually, that was a DB from UCLA blowing his assignment.

      • Trojan Hoarse

        Rahim Moore?

        • Jethro G Sabbath

          That would be him

      • Cheap seats

        He wouldn’t know about Rahim Moore or ANY Bruin in the NFL for that matter.

        Bucket’s knowledge is only limited to USC — and he knows that better than most USC fans!

      • it’s reassuring to know that whenever i set a trap, the chubby little mouse named Jezro is sure to chomp the bait!!!

        Jezro, everyone knows the coach takes ultimate responsibility for the team’s performance!!

        besides, on that play, Taco Del Rio had Rahim blitzing, and most football experts agree it was a miracle he even got any where near that ball!!

        • Jethro G Sabbath

          Blitzing? Do you actually sit around and make this stuff up?

  • betomas

    Del Rio?? Really? I guess.

  • rusoviet

    Haden on Cowherd’s show this a.m. was asked about his meeting Del Rio – Haden replied “Not with me , maybe Jack went to Disneyland.”

  • Trojan Hoarse

    So, would this be another “package deal”? Jack Del Rio + his QB son, who recently committed to Oklahoma State?

  • B.Miller

    “At this Point….”
    Come on home Jack baby, come on home!