Lane Kiffin Fired At LAX Terminal Parking Lot

USC coach Lane Kiffin was on the bus outside the Landmark Aviation terminal at Los Angeles International Airport early Sunday morning when he was asked to step off by a group of USC administrators led by Pat Haden. Kiffin said he would be right back but then one of the administrators told the bus to take off.
Kiffin was then dismissed by Haden. I’m told the decision was actually made during the game.

15 thoughts on “Lane Kiffin Fired At LAX Terminal Parking Lot

  1. It’s a good day for Southern Cal. All Trojan fans know this was a terrible hire. This guy’s head coaching trajectory was totally undeserved. Now SC will get a real coach.

    As for Kiffin, he’s still so young. If he wants to be a legitimate head coach again, he should swallow his pride and go coach someplace small. I don’t think being a coordinator will help him become a head coach again.

  2. No doubt Kiffin needed to go, but if this is being accurately reported USC did it in a very classless fashion. What coaching candidate, wants to coach for a program that fires a coach literally in front of his team? Classless, truly classless, and sad.

  3. Was the decision made during the game and Kiffin told at the airport? That’s likely. Did his wife have to come get him on the tarmac? He should find a great coach to work under, as a wide receiver coach.

  4. What is ‘classless; about the way he was sacked? You believe it would have better for the team to see it ‘on the bus’ or that this be done ‘on campus’ after the team returned? Now what? Friends and relatives picking up their kids …. kids in a daze after the horrific defeat and now the state of their program still ‘up in the air’?

    There is no ‘classy’ way to do this – any manager will tell you that who manages employees. It wasn’t done in front of the team or staff – any reaction (if any) was not seen by others.

    He was paid a lot of money and he still has a lot coming – to scream about his discharge is meaningless – this is a business and he sadly was unable to build upon a remarkable 2011 season. This is all his and no one else.

    Goodbye Kiffin – thank you for being elsewhere.

    • Classless?……When Mike Garrett fired John Robinson in 1997, via voice mail…. during the Christmas Holidays!!!… now THAT was classless!!…..

  5. No CLASS…but nobody is surprised…When Rick was fired, he was allowed to coach the teams last regular season game. Following the game, he was carried off the field by players. Once SCUm,…ALWAYS SCUm!
    fit UN LIMBO U…..(limbo U …, now more than ever)

    • Excuse me, but Neuheisel and Kiffin couldn’t be any more different personality-wise.

      Neuheisel was carried off the practice field before his last game. You don’t have to worry about him being “dead man walking” on campus.

      On the other hand, do you remember how Kiffin acted when he knew he was going to be fired by the Raiders?

      In today’s social media age, there’s a good chance of a leak and the story being reported before Kiffin knew. Receiving news that way would be even worse than hearing it from Haden face-to-face regardless of where it was done.

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