Lane Kiffin Firing Unusual

How unusual? USC’s had two coaches in the same season only one time and that was 1888, the first year of the program.

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  • say what you will about Kiff, is it his fault he was so overrated by Haden?? should he have turned down the job? he still deserves to be treated with respect….not by fans necessarilly, but by Management.

    what was served by “walking him off the bus”??? was he caught embezzling funds? did he commit some violation of this contract?

    the handling of this was a disgrace! was it too hard to treat Kiff like a man and call him into the office on Sunday? trust me, this will be noted by any candidates for the job, in fact, it would not surprise me if this travesty is cited by some candidates when Haden talks to them. it shows Haden is driven by blind emotion, was he drunk when he did this?

    this is just another black eye for Haden: the public govelling at the feet of the NCAA, the desperate attempt to hire John Savage a day after his CWS triumph, the utterly Stupid “150% I Support KIff Video”, the brilliant “Lets Ban Wolf” fiasco” and what else??

    • Tom Oday

      Get your facts straight you sicko Honey Bucket.

      • it is customary to point out the alleged erroneous facts, Dummy. or are you just talking shlt?? yeah, that’s what i thought.

        • Tom Oday

          He wasn’t “walked off the bus”. He doesn’t take the bus back to the school after road games…he drives to to his home in MB. Haden and Kiffin had a 45 minute meeting in a private room at the airport where he was fired. If you think Haden is a liar…so be it.

          • ThaiMex

            He was WALKED off the bus and not allowed to get back on the bus. He was not allowed to retrieve his personal belongings that were left on the bus. The bus DEPARTED without Goat Boy.

            Rick Neuheisel on the other hand was informed by Guerrero of his dismissal in the office of the A.D. Rick was allowed to finish his job as coaching the BRUINS for the remaining game. Following his last game, he was carried off the field by his players.

            One classy move by one school, a classless move by another school.
            fit UN!

          • read below, dipshlt!!
            thanks for watching my back, Thai!!!