Lane Kiffin Tried To Keep His Job

“He battled me,” Pat Haden said. “He really tried to keep his job.”

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  • Saul Goodman

    Congrats Scott, you are an excellent reader of the LA Times

    • Helen

      Say it ain’t so – professional journalists ALWAYS give credit to their original sources.

  • rusoviet

    Unlike the Raider position THIS was Kiffin’s dream job – that’s why he battled for it.

    I sure hope he had and should have had a plan B for the rest of his career because this one is ‘bye bye’.

    • steveg

      With the money he has coming, the gorgeous wife he has, and his young age, I am sure life will work itself out for him.

    • marvgoux1

      Does he have to give back the Manhattan Beach palace?

      • TrojanFan

        New coach will move in

  • Haden should be the next one pulled off the Bus.

    • steveg

      Not so fast my prurient friend, the man has made a decision that will either make or break his existence as AD, based upon the success or failure of his new replacement hire. Other than the disoriented ruin trolls, the true rah rah’s here will give the man his chance and see what he can do to right the ship. It is now all his.

  • wolfman, this is the PERFECT time to do your book on the trOXans!!
    just try to keep it clean so kids can read it!! (leave out the trysts with all those cheerleaders you took photos with)

  • jetman624

    How about less dumb quotes and ink to the video instead? Someone must have posted this up by now…

  • Stu Azole

    Lane didn’t understand, and will never admit, how bad he really is.

  • Cheap seats

    I was disappointed Haden didn’t use an overhead projector at the press conference.

    • Ted

      dont you bad mouth the great Al Davis!! That is Mr. Davis to you.

      • Cheap seats

        Yes — it IS Mr. Davis. RIP

  • ugh….after last night and now Kiff getting fired, i’m all punched out like Clubber Lang in the rematch with Rocky!!!
    got to get out of Mom’s basement!!

    • TrojanFan

      The meal ticket has expired, rise from the basement and seek employment

  • rusoviet

    Hey sweet cakes time for your closeup —– hmmmmm t@pette in his parts of privacy – go chuckles

  • RIP Lane Kiffin

    Only thing Kiffin ever learned from Pete….you got to always comPETE. In Kiffin’s case, guess it was more like you got to always compLANE.

    • TrojanFamily

      See now THAT’s a great one-liner

  • Dr. Paul

    With apologies to MLK, may he rest in peace, “Free, Free at Last.” It may have taken him far too long but PH finally made the right decisions (LK out and EO in as IC). We might look back and discover Pat played the “gut bucket” he was given like a Stradivarius. At least the 3 year nightmare is over.

  • TDOG

    TDog says if Lane Kiff had won the rest of this season’s games it would have been even uglier because the arrogance meter would have maxed out and his cockiness rating would have topped therefore there really was no way to win with Lane at the healm – glad he’s gone time to move on – stay humble SC and Fight On to Victory in class

    • ProbationU

      Being arrogant was not Lane’s problem. SC Football has been built on arrogance. When you enter the McKay Center it says, “We own L.A.” A pretty arrogant statement. Lane’s problem was that he couldn’t coach and he didn’t win enough. If he won all of his games so far, no Trojans would complain about him being arrogant.

      • Arturo

        Confidence, not arrogance, P.U,

      • Mike 70

        don’t forget RN billboard…

      • TrojanFamily

        You nailed it. Arrogance is Scott and the media’s problem with him. The fan base and the University’s problem with him is that he is a terrible coach who loses football games.

  • Bill

    I wonder if Pat read the firing and speech off the laminated play card!

  • timtrojan

    Coming from Scotty who did not even attend press conference. The word is he got stuck in Arizona. My guess is Bucket had a glass of wine last night and Scotty couldn’t wake him this AM. Never stops Scotty from using other peoples work. We got rid of Kiffin and now lets work on getting Scotty assigned to Ruins.

  • john wolcott

    I for one wanted the guy to work out for the sake of the team. I don’t take delight in his demise, but the man just was not a leader.

  • Mark

    Grovel on!

  • Mark

    First of all, Haden is invincible as AD. So he ain’t goin’ nowhere.

    Isn’t it funny how all those years ago Tennessee fans were so mad about losing Kiffin? Best thing that ever happened to them!

  • Arturo

    If it is true that Kiffin got canned at 3 am in some small room at LAX, how should Scottie be dismissed?

  • ThaiMex

    “He battled me,” Pat Haden said. “He really tried to keep his job.”….reminds me of Lasorda, years ago, when his rear end was on fire and he said…”don’t blame me,….Campanis is the fu*king guy”…only this time, Goat Boy was blaming Carroll and the sanctions. LIMBO U has gone to new LOW’S.
    fit UN LIMBO U!

    • TrojanFan


      bucket is reaching new LOWS

  • Arturo

    A recruiter to the very end.

  • realtrojan

    Yep, that was the only kind of battle he was capable of. Sorry to say this, but he was like cancer to USC for longer than his tenure as HC. In reality, he must have been the one who prevented USC from winning the third national championship in a row by pushing out Norm Chow in 2005. I’m so relieved to see this guy leave.

  • TroyFan52

    Lane was an abrasive, spoiled man. He didn’t know how to treat people and felt in his arrogance that he had to be in the spotlight. He wasn’t good for this program and he embarrassed it in many ways. So long Lane Kiffin. If you would have been humble and appreciative of the opportunities you were given you might have at least lasted to the end if this season to try and rebound from Tempe. So long, good riddance, and hats off to Haden for ending the circus.

  • Fred Sampson

    I bet Lane Kiffin tried to keep his job…..He was so confidant about his future he bought a 5 million dollar home in Manhattan Beach. Hey Kiffin don’t forget you have to pay the University back that 500,000 you borrowed for the purchase of your home.