Lane Kiffin’s Downfall Was 2011

Lane Kiffin’s demeanor really changed after the Trojans went 11-2 in 2011. He must have felt secure because he became even more arrogant and treated people worse with his newfound success. You could see it outwardly when he stormed away from press conferences but behind-the-scenes players also complained that Kiffin focused too much on certain players like Matt Barkley.
Players also complained about his demeanor in the locker room and this led to last year’s problems with respect. Things only magnified this season following the Washington State loss.

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  • Cheap seats

    MB chimed in on Wolf’s “scoop” this morning:

    RT @Mattew Barkley RT @Tony Burnett:
    “Coaches don’t even ride the bus back to school. Lmao. What type of clown is Scott Wolf?”

    • TrojanFamily

      I just saw that. That’s hilarious

    • Paul Hackett

      Is Matty still riding the bench behind Foles ? Now that’s funny.

      • Cheap seats

        Here’s what’s NOT funny: your life filled with so much bitterness, you wish everyone else was miserable as you.

    • gotroy22

      That’s all Matt has to say when his former head coach gets fired? Attacking a reporter who was right about Kiffin?

      • Cheap seats

        No…go to his Twitter. Actually hints that Kiffin’s ego got too big with one of his retweets.

        Why shouldn’t he jump on a reporter who makes up a story?

  • ThomasTucker

    Parroted this from ESPN

  • TrojanFamily


    I think one blog post per point you want to make is enough. I would have thought you had a mountain of material for this day, like when an aging Hollywood celebrity dies. You’ve had months to prepare this material. Shouldn’t you bring your A game?


      What will he post about from now on? Wolf is a one trick pony, and now that Kiffin is gone, it will be the same thing regurgitated every day. Not that it hasn’t been already.

    • gotroy22

      It’s nice to see that even on a day when we should all admit Kiffin was a disaster you are still lashing out irrationally at the messenger. How about admitting you and the rest of the sunshine pumpers were wrong?

      • Cheap seats

        wrong about WHAT? Nobody here thought Kiffin was a good fit — most were just tired of hearing Wolf’s whining and hoped Wolf would actually report a story somewhere about USC.

        On the flip side, you actually think Wolf is a good reporter?