Pat Haden Press Conference at 1 p.m. PT

USC athletic director Pat Haden will meet the media this afternoon. Submit your questions here.

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  • steveg

    Pat, was your job threatened if you didn’t make this move now?

  • TrojanFamily

    Pat, is it true that coaches don’t ride the team bus (per Tony Burnett on Twitter?) and that Scott Wolf is a clown?


      I can attest to the 2nd part of the question. The question is what type of clown is he?

    • gotroy22

      When will you sunshine pumper clowns admit you were wrong about Kiffin?

  • JayJR

    AD Haden;
    1. What are your explicit criteria for selecting the next Head Coach?

    2. Did the drop in attendance at home games and the potential loss in revenue now that USC is running the Coliseum and solely financially responsible for it, factor into your decision?


    Anyone know where this will be televised?

  • ThomasTucker

    Will Wolf still be allowed to pretend to cover USC football?

  • john wolcott

    Pat, why did you have to be so lawyerlike (i.e. my client the murderer is innocent) by stating that you were 100% behind Kiffin when everybody else was unsure of the guy.

    • ThaiMex

      Just like the BAD LAWYER you are…speaking out of both sides of your mouth’s, must be part of the schooling process. Wasn’t it you who stood up on the soap box and praised Goat Boy for his mumbling, awkward, air-headed demeanor? That’s o.k. John, you’ve been a liar since day 1, why change now.
      When you need a LAWYER Real bad, Call LAWYER JOHN, a really bad lawyer!
      fit UN!

  • Brad Hutchings

    Mr. Haden, you rolled over like a Bruin girl for the NCAA, and it got you absolutely nothing, Proportionally, how much do you think the availability of scholarship players has hurt performance on the field this year?

    • DickheadTrojan

      You are a fucking moron. Learn how to punctuate, jackass.

  • TrojanConquest

    Pat, any correlation that the Penn Governor sues the NCAA and they get scholarships back, and you show up with your hands out like Oliver asking for “more please” and get nothing?