USC Fans Have Two Choices

Really, USC fans need to decide what camp they fall into: The ones who refuse to lower standards or the ones who believe in magic.

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  • TrojanConquest

    No…the two camps are those who think Kiffin is a terrible HC and needs to go now, or the ones who think poor Lane doesn’t have enough players to compete. Unfortunately I think Haden is on the side of blaming the sanctions.

  • Gordon Allen

    the best ? is: alunms actually watched the game at all? did they see the sun bowl? lol

  • rusoviet

    Kiffin fired – 5:45 am – out as coach –

    • Joe Blow

      Holy crap. YOU ARE RIGHT. Wow. Now Haden.

      • Joe Blow

        Let Eddie O be interim coach. Keep Pendergast as DC. Let’s get a major name for next year.

    • ThomasTucker

      You should run this blog. Wolf still sleeping.

  • Joe Blow

    Fire Kiffin. NOW. Haden NEXT

    • rusoviet

      Get a life

      • Joe Blow

        I have one. Those two clowns should be fired. One doesn’t know what the F is going on and the other doesn’t need the money and plays AD. No more $$$ from me. Yeah, I know you think I’m a 909er that doesn’t do crap. You need to get a life or a least a yacht like mine.

        • rusoviet

          Hey how about we re-hire the bum who hired Kiffin? After all chuckles you were his ‘batman’

          • Joe Blow

            I still support MG. He’s a million times better than Haden

      • marvgoux1

        You are a rah rah to the bitter end!

  • Hey SUC’s

    The true saga of Kiffy Goat is etched in absolute infamy: AZ State 62 – Kiffy 41. See ya Kiffy – next stop, Barstow JC.