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Lane Kiffin, Todd Graham A wild Sunday for USC football as Lane Kiffin was fired and Ed Orgeron took over, the first time since 1888 the Trojans will have two coaches in the same season. Here is my story on what happened.
Here’s columnist Tom Hoffarth’s look at Orgeron and columnist Jill Painter on Pat Haden’s role.

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  1. I dont get it. During the press conference, Haden said he met Kiffin in a room at the airport. You say he fired him in the parking lot. Secondly, you say he was pulled off the bus and was left without a ride. Barkley and Burnett say that the coaches don’t ride those busses with the students.

      • No they don’t. Not at LAX or John Wayne. The planes pull right up to the terminal unless they were flying private.

        Even when flying private, you WALK to the small terminal at all airports.

        Either way, I’ve been a frequent traveler of all LA airports and have NEVER rode a bus to the terminal.

        Anyone else chime in here? Is there a situation at any of our airports where you ride a bus?

        • ya think they weren’t on a chartered flight?

          And you’ve never “rode” a bus? Dood, you’re ON the short bus.

          • Irrelevant because the bus they’re talking about is the one that goes to campus.

            Re-read the article.

      • Just read Wolf’s article again: “Kiffin wasn’t even able to get his briefcase, which was left on the bus as it returned to USC.”

        He was talking about the bus to campus — which bring us back to what Burnett tweeted about.

    • Burnett was talking about the bus to campus.

      Either way, look at my post below. Doesn’t sound right.

  2. Your Story is right Wolf. According to Haden, Haden notified Kiffin Before they left Az that he wanted to talk when they got back to LA. They met for 45 min in a room at the airport. Haden mentioned the good things Kiffin had done, INCLUDING, compliance and graduation, not winning and preparing the team to play is what got him fired.

    • Wolf is right? Wolf says Kiffin got fired on the tarmac. Haden said it was in a room near the terminal.

      Someone is lying or misinformed.

      • I believe you are the misinformed. No surprise there. AZ State 62 – SUC 41, just in case you’ve blocked that fact from your teeny brain.

        • Thanks for the clarification.

          I’ll cut you some slack because you probably witnessed more PAC-12 — I mean PAC-8 football than all of us combined.

          Are you a season ticket holder?

  3. I was listening to The Herd this AM but my signal got garbled when Colin listed his choices to replace Kiffin. Anybody get that? This will be the game for the next 3-4 months, Who’s the next coach?

  4. Saban coaching record under sanctions at Michigan State, 6-5-1, 6-6, 7-5, 6-6. Alabama record under sanctions, 10-3, 4-9, 6-6. And both of those programs were not as crippled by the NCAA as USC.

    But instead of realizing the facts, we have a beat reporter that hold a grudge from something that happened over 1 year ago. And this same beat reporter is hoping Mike Riley gets the job. Riley has a career record of 85–68 (.556). Guess who has a higher winning percentage, Lane Kiffin 28–15 (.636).

    • The right hire will have SC back on track in 2 years. Lane Kiffin was to USC as Mike Shula was to Alabama. We need a Saban, Miles, or Meyer type of guy. A solid college guy who wants to be a college guy.

      • Remember, Pete Carroll wasn’t Pete Carroll before USC took a chance on him. Pat Haden knows what he is doing. Getting out ahead of Texas for the next best college HC. Having enough time in the season to recruit kids without the Kiffin effect. I like Dungy and Gruden. I think both are attention to detail, no nonsense coaches, who have won SB’s. Both are available for the right price. Fisher and Del Rio and just smoke screens. Neither are good fits, neither would want the job, imo.

        • Great point about getting the head start on Texas (and very smart move by Haden).

          I agree Fisher and Del Rio are smoke screens with no record of success. They just have USC connections and that’s not good enough.

          Gruden is one tough buzzard and would bring back the USC swagger better than any of the potential head coaches mentioned to replace Kiffin. The parallel with Kiffin at Oakland is eery though.

          • The only problem with Gruden is the landscape of college football is foreign to him. But, he can adapt to anything. I think Dungy is #1 on my list. Squeaky clean image which would fit with Pat Haden. I think parents would send their kids to USC to be mentored by Dungy.

          • Will Bill Cowher be interested? Or wait until the end of the season for Rex Ryan or maybe even Mike Tomlin(0-4 thus far)? We also have 4 scholarships for early enrollees. So does Haden need to announce a coach by November, so he can recruit the early enrollees? It’s easier for that to happen if the coach is currently not coaching some place.

          • I don’t know why Bill Cowher would be an option other than he’s a big name and a great NFL coach. He has zero college coaching experience.

          • Hmmm…The intrigue factor doesn’t really play a role because the kids who commit thinking Gruden might be the coach will decommit if the hire eventually is underwhelming. But will we get 4 quality early enrollees based on the “what if” factor, because it doesn’t seem like the new coach will have too much time to recruit the early enrollees he wants?
            About getting coaches with college experience, Pete Carroll had 0 college coaching experience. I think we need some oomph back into our program and Cowher provides that. He also has a great eye for talent, based on how his draft picks have worked out. I think Rex Ryan would be an intriguing college coach because kids will gravitate towards him. Pete showed us that the rah-rah attitude works perfectly well at the college level.
            Most of all I want a coach that can make half-time adjustments. I’m tired of being outscored in the 3rd Q.

          • Pete Carroll coached college football for 10 years prior to the NFL. And Pete was lightning in a bottle. No one signed off on Pete Carroll when he was hired at USC. He was their 6th choice. It’s almost impossible to base the coaching search off of Pete’s success.

            I didn’t mean for recruits to commit because Gruden might be the coach. I think recruits would take the trip to USC, just out of curiosity, and fall in love with everything about USC.

          • are you telling me that SC will get 4 high-end recruits to enroll early without first knowing who their coach will be? Man, pass me some of what you’re having!

          • Stu, if you knew anything about early enrollees, they come in late Jan. We will have a coach by then. My point was that USC recruits itself, without a head coach. 4 early enrollees is not going to be a problem. Pass it to the left.

          • I somewhat agree on Gruden, but he has covered college football while a TV analyst so it wouldn’t be 100 percent foreign. I lived in the bay area when he coached the Raiders and the guy is passionate – almost to the extent as an anti-Kiffin.

            But Dungy is a mirror reflection of Haden so I surely can see Haden going that direction. I hope we don’t hire Del Rio just because he’s an alum.

          • Right there with you Helen. I think the Dungy/Haden mirror reflection would look unbeatable on the recruiting trails. Recruits would have their life mentor in one or both.

            Gruden is a long shot, but one that everyone would be behind. Recruits would love him.

            Del Rio is the low hanging fruit that anyone could have named as a possible. Not realistic when you look at the other candidates.

          • Good point about needing a squeaky clean image, especially with people like Wolf attempting to dig up dirt, just for the fun of it……

          • TH, one caller mentioned on ESPN710 and they shot it down…Mike Garrett hired Lane Kiffin. The NCAA hated Garrett and anything he had his fingerprints on at USC. When Pat Haden went last week to try and get some sort of reduction with the sanctions and the NCAA denied, is it possible that the reason why is Lane Kiffin? Lane is the last fingerprint from Mike Garrett.

            If this was even a possibility, Pat Haden is going to hire Jesus Christ himself, if he is available for the job. If not, Dungy or Herm Edwards.

          • Or did Haden go to the NCAA because he knew he was probably going to fire Kiffin after a likely loss and wanted as many scholarships as possible for the new coach?

          • How is Dungy’s health? I swear he looks 20 years older after the death of his son. Of course, that’s the worst possible thing a father can go through.

          • Tony Dungy would be an awesome hire! He’s also a hire that could be announced during the season.

        • I’m OK with Dungy as long as he doesn’t bring his Tampa 2 with him. One of the commenters on the Earl Campbell – Mack Brown story on ESPN mentioned that Gruden makes 10 mill a year. Is that accurate?

          • I have heard about $5 Million is his salary. He probably makes that with endorsements. USC is talking $6-$9 million salary. With his endorsements and private school bonuses that are not reported, it would be similar.

            Also, Ron Meeks was TD’s DC in Indy.

        • We want a Rockne/Howard Jones kind of guy not a Vince Lombardi/Bellichek kind of guy. Riley is certainly a college guy but it doesn’t seem like he’s out coaching the rest of the Pac12. Gruden gets a ton of dough having fun on TV. Unless he burns for the college life, can’t see it. Why get a guy who wants to go back to the NFL?

      • 2 years? Sorry, but SC will be hurting from snactions for at least 3 more years. And from there, it’s still an uphill climb. Get ready for 5 more years of PAIN!

      • So Urban Meyer is a better HC than Lane Kiffin. What do you want a cookie? He’s been coaching football for 28 years. How many Urban Meyer’s do you know that turn programs around during sanctions? You pointed out the exception. Do you think 30 scholarship reductions and a bowl ban was designed for USC to continue the Pete Carroll era?

        Also, get your facts straight on the OSU sanctions vs USC. It’s not even close.

        The NCAA also issued a public reprimand and censure, put the Buckeyes on probation through Dec. 19, 2014, and reduced football scholarships from 85 to 82 through the 2014-15 academic year.

  5. Bibby has it right – i.e. getting out in front of TX for the best hire also Haden is smart enough to mimic what WA St. did in securing Leach – he already has Korn Ferry making ‘cut out’ inquiries of potential hires as well as making sure ANY name(s) are not known to have come from them and suddenly drifting through the AD’s office and out to the ‘hoi polloi’.

    No news until after UCLA game – the goal is to focus on 1. the rest of this year’s team and 2. an announced new hire that doesn’t implode i.e. George O’Leary or how Alford was hired at UCLA and Graham at AZ St.

    • Haha, don’t you worry about Texas – they’ve already got their man. Will be nice and orderly.

    • SUC will never outbid UT for a reliable HC on the basis of dollars and cents. Every man/woman and child in Tixis would tithe UT $100.00 a head to lure the right HC. SUC’s pockets are extremely shallow compared to UT. Hope on.

  6. Great ROLE MODEL that fat azzzz Orgeron is. What parent wouldn’t want their impressionable young son following in the footsteps of a WIFE BEATER?

  7. When all is said and done, the SUC FB team lost 62 – 41 and is 0 – 2 in South Pac-12 conference standings.

  8. funny how Dummies are trying to spin the fact that the way Bounce Pass’ fired Kiff was deplorable. it’s clear he was taken off the bus and was not even able to retreive his personal items. he could have EASILLY been treated with respect and called in to HH on Sunday.

    in fact the more i think about it, i think the Boozy Lil’ Elf did it this way to embarrass Kiff and to get the players on his side.
    just one more example of the pure hypocrisy of the stale old “trOXan for Life” myth.

    “i supported him 100% until i fired him” what the helll does that mean??? i loved my wife right up to the time i murdered her for the insurance money? stupid comment from a stupid/drunk little man.

      • You really think Bucket’s method would’ve been best?

        In today’s social media age, I think Haden (and even Jim Buss) made the right decision just to get it over with FACE-TO-FACE.

        The worst scenario is getting a call the next day from a reporter or seeing tweets that you’ve been fired (or not given the job as in Phil Jackson’s case).

    • Funny how scamming miserly little trolls try and hate on SC obviously because they are jealous little goons that know you can’t keep a good team down, and when the going gets tough, the tough are Trojans until the end – Fight On!
      Eevrybody knows that Scott Wolf fabricated the tweets from a Motel 6 in Scottsdale and has no idea what he’s talking about because his four eyes are clogged with hate, as are the trolls brains on this board – get a life!
      GO SC and FUKDARUINS – football, basketball, we own LA this time next year – MARK MY WORDS BITCHEZ

    • that was a great post…

      pulled him off the bus – and then let him walk home in the ghetto of LA!

      I support my dog 100% – until it pooped on the carpet – then I took it out to the woods and shot it in the head

      at least Kiffer could recruit – now what’s USC going to do?

      Richard Simmons for head coach…

      “come on you fatties – lets exercize!”

  9. Did you ever notice how NOTHING ever interesting happens at FUCLA? Funny how trolls love to hate on SC because their eyes are bloodshot red (or powder blue) and green (piss yellow) with envy…

    • If you think deflating balls, taking golf cart rides, switching numbers, endless whining, endless excuses, locker room fights, assaults, denny’s menu obsession, punching out women, public drunkeness, getting you ASSSSU handed to you, and being out of the Pac 12 race after 5 games is interesting, I’ll prefer to stay boring!

      • Deflated balls again, Bill?…. you may want to call your Dr and get a prescription for that……….

    • If by “nothing interesting” you mean no sanctions, no cheating and, most importantly, NO LOSING, then yes, UCLA is certainly mundane. Trust me when I tell you that NO Bruin fan is envious of SC or its football program these days.

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